Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy, You Crazy Post-Trop Storm, You

So I woke up at 8am and looked out my window and I saw this...

Am I allowed to be jaded now?  Its just like Irene!  Nothing crazy happens on the UES and that is why I live here.

This morning I went for a little walk to check out the damages beyond what I can see from my window (and let's be honest I have crazy cabin fever).  Here is what I found on the blocks of E 79 - E 81 between 1st - 3rd.

Woah, Garage sign down!

Big Tree
Small Tree, lucky SUV

The flooding

Later this afternoon I'll take a walk down to my new apartment and check out what's happening to my 168 shares to ensure there is no major damages there.  But I do remember signing something at the closing ceremonies that I'm protected by FEMA in case of a flood and I have homeowners insurance that started on 10/13 (I'm not stupid).
I'll also head down to the East River and FDR to get the good pictures of the rising river and highway flooding.  Those should be quite awesome.

As for the rest of the City, I won't deny that Sandy was a total bitch and fucked us up.  There are 200k Manhattanites without power and almost all of Southern island is flooded or under water.  All public transportation is still down and some subway stations are flooded.  It is Bananas.  Check out FDNY Incidents for all the crazy pics from last night.

More to come later today...

UPDATE: 4:45pm

I went out at 2pm for a wandering walk to my new apartment to see what Sandy had done farther up town.  First the whole world was out and about, either dressed for brunch or dressed like they just rolled out of bed, I fell in the second group.  Restaurants were starting to open and people were anxious to get out of their apartments and stop eating canned green beans.
As I walked up First Ave there were definitely more down trees; 82nd between 1st/2nd had a HUGE leafy tree in the middle of the street, and near 90th whole trees uprooted. A little more than what I had seen around my block. 
As I approached my new apartment building I looked up to ensure no windows were cracked, check, and then walked up to the building.  On the 93rd Street side it looked like they were pumping some water out from the basement (?) there was a hose running into the street from the building and water was running out. Then I walked around to the 94th Street side and noticed a ConEd truck on the corner and a guy about to go into a hole (you know those ConEd holes).  I continued to turn the corner and looked into the lobby and it was pitch black with a huddle of residents standing around.  I'm going to make the assumption after putting together the pieces that Mill Rock lost power last night or this am.  Then as I continued up the Street there were 2 other emergency ConEd trucks parked on the block.  Guess I was in the right place last night.  But if I was already moved in, I would have walked down 29 floors and walked up to the Wishen's and spent the night with them. It's good to have friends so close.
After doing my investigative walk up to the new place I went to the Wishen's to hang out for a bit and catch up.  It was nice to have some real contact with people and catch up on life, gossip and Sandy updates.
I was going to walk down to the East River and check out what was going on down there but it started to rain on my walk so I skipped the River and headed home. 


  1. I'm glad UES didn't get hit too hard but downtown looks like chaos. Stay safe!

  2. @Ashley, I'm sure it does. It's CRAZY! Watching the news and reading the blogs it blows my mind. If anyone wants to come up to the UES they are more than welcome to come hang out.