Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm Back

So, it's been a while.
But, I've come up with a new concept for my blog...

Pinterest Test Kitchen.

How easy and delicious are all those recipes that are pinned?
Cooking those recipes that are on your home page and have hundreds of pins with comments like, "My husband love this XX", "Weekly go to meal", etc.
Should be fun!

Bare with me, as I figure this all. Comments, suggestions, feedback all welcome.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New & Improved Bedroom

In June I kissed my old "antique" mismatched bedroom set goodbye for a brand new matching (key-word) set with a new fancy mattress to boot.
The mattress came first so I slept with the mattress on the floor for two weeks until the furniture was delivered. Even on the floor, I don't think I've slept so well in years.  Spending the extra $$ on the mattress (and splurging on the pillows at Bloomingdale's) was definitely worth it.  The extra storage I gained with the increased size of the dresser and drawers under the bed have been very beneficial for my shopping addiction.

Now the fun stuff, decorating! A little girly with a touch of contemporary.

A special thanks to the Huntley brothers for hanging my mirrors when they were here visiting.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's Spin

This morning I took my first ever spin class at Crank!
(I mean I've taken like 2 or 3 classes when I was a member of Equinox but I've never taken a class at a real studio with the shoes, dark room, etc - the whole shebang).  I was a little nervous when I signed up since I was pretty much clueless, but I reached out to Ashley for some guidance/sage wisdom since she is a spin-aholic.

Here are my tips:

Wear tight pant or shorts. Baggy things will ride the entire class bc you get up and down a lot. 

Hydrate starting now bc you sweat so much!

Tell the teacher you are new so you get the bike set up properly. 

It's so much fun and the class flies by! Rock out to the music and enjoy it. Can't wait to hear what you think!

I followed her advise to a T. Just to be safe I didn't go out on Friday night because my class was at 8:30am on Saturday morning and I wanted to hydrate appropriately.

I got the studio 15 minutes early just to be sure that I could get my bike set up properly and get the "tour".  Once I was set up and learned to clip in, I was ready to SPIN.  My teacher came over and walked me through the positions and cranked me up 3 intervals and said "stay there", I wasn't going defy instructions especially on my first try.  

The class was a lot of fun.  I was amazed at how much I could do/was doing.  I was keeping up at about 90% with the regulars in the class.  Thank God for all those years dancing/working out with trainers learning how to breathe; I felt like I was doing Lamaze for about 75% of the class.  I could never quite get my legs to spin as fast as the instructors or some of the other students when he said "FAST", as my hip flexors aren't that flexible/lose.  At about 3/4 way through the class, I had to hang back a bit more and stop being as "dancy". But, when I thought I couldn't really last much longer it was time for the cool down song, I survived!

I walked out of class dripping in sweat and red as a tomato (my face matched my shirt) and bought a 5-pack to try some more classes and teachers. 

I look so attractive ;/
My teacher was impressed on how well I did for a beginner, shit - so was I.  I was even more impressed with the crazy bitches who were taking back-to-back classes or coming back later that day for another.  The receptionist asked if I was going to come back tomorrow, I said "I'll see you next week".  I'm not that crazy and I'd like to be able to walk to work on Monday.  
Here's to hoping I get addicted to this like Ashley and a few of my other friends, but I'm thinking 1-day a week is a good start for now.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vacation Time

This is just an observation/rant.

We all do it. Facebook stalk friends, old friends especially those from High School and College.  Comparing our lives to theirs, making sure our lives are still a tad better than some of the others.  I wonder how much of their profile is truth and how much is fabricated to make their lives look exciting.

The one thing I can't seem to get over is how much these old friends go on vacation. Its to exotic locations or just the number of trips they go on.  Every other post in my feed is someone on vacation and certain people show up more than others and they're always on vacation.  Its not like they live in Europe and can easily jet to another Country for the weekend, like Ashley use to when she lived in London. I wonder what job they have that gives them so much vacation time?  How much money are they making or is Dad bankrolling these awesome trips?
Why am I waisting my vacation time on my family (sorry Mom) vs. going to some exotic location with a few friends?

Any Thoughts?

I'm the worst blogger EVER

So, It's been since February since I've last blogged.  I've feel like a blogger failure.
It's not like I haven't had the time to blog.  There are many nights I've been on the couch flipping through the channels that I could have updated, but instead opted not.  I figured I'd start my mass update of life for the last 3 months.

End of Feb:
Nash Bash - If you know me, you know I love music, Country music in particular.  My iPhone is 75% Country, 15% 80's and 10% Today's Pop/R&B.  Tanya got VIP tickets to Nash Bash and invited me to attend with her.  To say I was psyched was not even close!  There is finally a Country radio station in NYC and to launch the station they hosted 3 nights of major country headliners.  Tanya and I attended night 1, what we can remember of it, it was AMAZING!

Sinus Surgery - Because its been a few years since I've had an elective surgery I decided it was time for another.  This year I went for sinus surgery, something that I didn't know I needed until I went to see an ENT and discovered that my sinuses were so fucked up it could be one of the reasons for my migraines and why I've only ever breathed out of one notstil at a time.  I'll spare you all the gory details, but Mom came and was an amazing nurse as per usual.  Besides blowing some of the craziest goobers out of my nose, it was up there on the best elective surgeries list.

Home - In early April we celebrated my Dad's 65th Birthday.  The whole family came home to San Diego.  I don't know why I said whole family, there is only me & Ian.  Maybe because Ian has a family of his own so our family is a whole lot bigger now.

It was great being in San Diego hanging out at home, chillin with my parents, seeing how much Jackson and Makenzie have grown and I got to squeeze in some time with friends, too!
Blue Zoo reunited

Me & Michael - aka Jesse
I've never felt so popular as I did when I was home because Jackson and Makenzie were either constantly showing off for me or wanting to play with me.  I think my iPad nearly died on a daily basis playing 'The Game of Life' with Jackson.  He always wanted lots of kids and to be rich at the end of every game.
'Kenzie is more of a girl everyday, she loved getting pedicures with the girls and told me I had boobies, very observant.
Bought them new swimsuits

'The Game of Life'

Its a mini-me: checking out the Nordy catalog
But at the end of the trip, it's nice to come home to NYC.  Just like my Dad said when he picked me up from the airport, 'we loving having you, but we love it when you leave too.'

Ca-nan-na-da - A week in Canada, Toronto one would think, but no the office I worked out of was in Brampton, or as my VP calls it 'The Bramptons'.  Its known as the Flower City, but really its an industrial/big box store city with tons of fast food restaurants.  Not exactly my kind of City, but the lack of entertainment was great for getting work done.
The week of work was productive, nothing special.
What was interesting was the reactions to me.  I was told to "slow down", we don't walk that fast here in Canada.  My sarcasm went over 'OK' in some meetings, but not so well in others (noted for next time).
The view from my hotel roomMay:
Syracuse - It was some serious fam bam time in Syracuse for Ashley's senior weekend.  To catch everyone up, Ashley is/(was) a Senior at Syracuse and the catcher on the Softball team.  For her senior weekend the WHOLE family caravanned from Jersey to 'Cuse for the weekend to watch her play in her last collegiate games.  My parents even flew out from Cali for the big event, my Mom is Ashley's godmother.
So excited to go see Ash
Day 1 was a double header and Ash had two great games.

Then my Uncle Dave (he's a chef) made dinner in Ashley's apartment.  We squeezed 11 adults into a college apartment living room, it was real bonding moment but the copious amounts of wine and beer consumed helped.
Then off to the hotel I discovered that I would be rooming with my parents.  This took the bonding to another level.
I slept on the pull out - THEY OWE ME
 Day 2, we had matching shirts because we like to represent!
Back of shirt
My parents and I went on an adventure to downtown 'Cuse to pick up the bread and rolls for the BBQ after the game.  As my Uncle Dave was also catering the Senior BBQ for the team. We soon discovered Google Maps does not know how to reroute when there is a marathon happening.  An hour later and many stressful conversations and backseat driving between my Dad & me we made it to the field right before Senior introductions.
The Fam
'Cuse won the 2/3 games and went to the Big East Tournament (they lost in the first round, but Ashley made it back to walk in Graduation).

Mom & Dad came into the City after the 'Cuse weekend for a long weekend on Thursday before they left on Saturday before Mother's Day.  Dad got to see my apartment for the first time besides in pictures or via Facetime.  He approved. They finally got to eat at Carino's, a year later.  Friday Michelle and David came over for HH before we had my early birthday/Mother's day dinner.  Saturday Mom and I made Dad breakfast.  He wanted to out for Brunch, but I really wanted Pork Roll.  Guess who won?!  Dad hasn't had Pork Roll in over 20+ years, he now remembers how good the Jersey delicacy really is.  They left in the early afternoon back to Sunny San Diego.  Its always nice having them visit because they buy the good wine and there is always a chilled glass waiting for me when I get home from work.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Phase 3: OCD Organize

Today I took off a half day at work for something very important to me, organization.

After two visits to The Container Store to design my coat/entry and linen closets, today the elfa closets were installed this afternoon and totally worth half the vacation day.  I need/crave order and organization in my life and my closets were not working for me, so I took advantage of the Container Store's elfa sale.

Here is before (its a bit scary, even for me)

On Thursday, all the elfa components were delivered.  It was a very interesting elevator ride up with everything on a cart.  I spent the evening taking everything out of the closets, well everything out of the 'linen' closet just fell out when I opened the door.  My living room looked like a bomb exploded and I just moved in, again.

Who knew I had so much stuff packed away in closets
The install was actually pretty quick, but noisy.  The installers had to cut the wires which is like nails on a chalk board.  But they moved pretty quick and you'd be amazed how much space you really have when you utilize it.

Coat/Entry Way

Then it was time for my favorite part, getting organized.  Its like putting together a puzzle, figuring out where everything should go.  It only really took about an hour after the installers left for everything to find a new home.

And my finished OCD product.

The new & improved coat/entry closet

the now functional linen closet

*Please note, items may move upon further reflection of best location

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Liebster Award

Well, the lovely Mrs. Dr. Looze nominated me for the Liebster Award.  I'm not sure I'm so deserving of a blog award since I've been slacking on my postings, but it's given me the resolve to post more often so that the award is not in vain. 

Here’s How It Works:
The Nominee must list 11 statements about themself
The Nominee must answer the 11 questions the Nominator asked them
The Nominee must nominate 11 others
Go to their page and tell them
No Tag backs please

11 Facts About Me:
1. I really moved to NYC because I always thought I belonged here more than San Diego or any where else in California
2. I know that I am somewhat spoiled and I fully accept and appreciate my parent's love & support
3. I LOVE cheese and will suffer the consequences accordingly to indulge
3a. I'm lactose intolerant
4. I'm very particular about my jelly, I will only eat Boysenberry
5. My perfect vacation is laying on a beach somewhere and the biggest adventure of the day is figuring out where to go to dinner
6. I love to cook, but I HATE doing dishes
7. Though I may look Irish, I'm really a Heinz 57: Slovak, Norwegian, Swedish, English, Dutch, German & Scottish
8. I'm extremely loyal and have the memory of an elephant
9. When I was in 2nd grade I wanted to play in the NFL and in 5th grade I wanted to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company
10. I really do believe I can tan
11. I drunk dial my Mom on my way home from bars

Amy's Questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
My first blog was a big hit with my friends and other random readers, but I think it gave me bad karma. So, I started this one just because I enjoyed recapping my major life events and I do like writing.

2. If you could be any animal in the world what would you pick and why?
I would be a Lab.  Energetic, loyal & lovable. 

3. What would you choose for your last meal on earth?
Lobster Mac & Cheese

4. What’s your middle name?
Carin.  Not pronounced Karen, but Corinne 

5. If you could plan out every day of your life for the next 5 years would you?
 Yes, because I'm a planner and I like to have a schedule.  No, because then there is no spontaneity in life.

6. What is your favorite city in America?
San Diego.  Home

7. What is your biggest downfall?
The need to control and plan or my sarcasm can get lost in translation

8. What is your best attribute?
I can relate to almost anyone

9. If a movie was made about you who would play you?
Alyson Hannigan because this one time at band camp... Otherwise all the other natural redheads are way out of my league

10. What is your favorite article of clothing that you own?
the perfect bra

11. If you had to pick, what is one thing you would change about your appearance?
My legs.  I don't love my stomach or arms, but those I can work on & change.  I think my legs are too muscular, and its not because I work them out all the time, its heredity that they are they way they are.  I just want my thighs and calves to be a little bit slimmer/sleeker.

Questions for my nominees:
1. Cats or Dogs?
2. Beach vacation or adventure vacation?
3. What is your life goal?
4. Biggest Pet Peeve?
5. Favorite food/meal?
6. Favorite childhood memory?
7. The concert you wish you could have attended?
8. Why blog?
9. What is the perfect Sunday?
10. What is your dream job?
11. If you could meet one famous person dead or alive, who & why?

My nominees (sorry its not 11):


NYC headed South to Greenville to celebrate Shelly's 30th Birthday and it was all a surprise!  The surprise for us (Jevne, Marissa and Tara) was that it happened to be the COLDEST weekend in the South.  We were promised that only a fleece was really necessary, but honestly we needed our winter coats all weekend.

Anyways, Back in December Rob had reached out to Jevne about rounding up some of Shelly's NYC friends for a surprise visit for her 30th Birthday.  Marissa, Jevne, Tara and I made the trek down to surprise Shelly for her big 3-0!

Lets Do This btw my head looks HUGE
We surprised Shelly on Friday night after she went to dinner with Becky, Shannon and her Mom.  She was clueless, which made the surprise even better.
Practicing our surprise, not so patiently waiting
Once Shelly had gotten over the fact that we were actually there, we starting hanging out and enjoying the night.

Saturday, we just lounged all day on the couch then went and got manicures and pedicures.  What else do a bunch of girls do?

After we got back from our manis & pedis Melissa, Jenny & Haley were hiding behind the kitchen island to surprise Shelly.  I was just as excited because I got to see my favorite Southern friends too.

A little catch up, then time to get ready for dinner.

Back from dinner and then time to watch the DVDs Melissa had given Shelly for her birthday.  Which were amazing, since they were the video tapes from Shelly's video camera from college.  Watching those videos caused mass bouts of laughter.

Sunday everyone slowly drifted down stairs and we watched Ted for Rob, then ordered amazing southern BBQ.  Then sadly enough it was time to leave.

food.... yum!
Of course, a pic of the cutie Anacpari

facebook album

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phase 2

This post is for those particular friends who have given me so much shit for not posting updates on the progress of my decorating of my apartment.

So, let me update you all... I'm in phase 2.
I've finished purchasing all the furniture (except for one piece, the entry way table) and there are actual window coverings to bring warmth into the abode and give me some privacy.  I've done a little decorating, but the major wall pieces and nick knacks will come later.

For your visual pleasure:

 Updated the bathroom with a new vanity, functions* much better than a pedestal sink.

Got my Home Improvement on and assembled my side table.  I've got mad assembly and direction following skills. 

 The bamboo blinds in the living room. They add warmth to the room while letting in light and blocking the morning/mid-day glaring Sun.

The entry way accent wall with some frames. My new throw pillows on the couch and finally got a chair for my desk that can also be used as additional seating when everyone can't fit on the couch.  My old entertainment center looks completely different now that it isn't covered with so much stuff.

The bedroom updates: Roman blackout shades because we all know I don't do light in the am (and they're great for when I have a migraine :( ).
Make-up vanity, who knew I could finally have a vanity?  I didn't but, love that I do.  In May I'll be getting a new bed, I've already purchased the bedding (thinking ahead, as usual).

Today I went to the Container Store and got my OCD on designing two closets, my entry way coat closet and linen closet.  They deliver on 2/14 and install on 2/15, I can't wait to get uber organized!!