Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dirty Mouth Count

"Happy Easter! I dropped the F-bomb only 47 times this Lent, but I just renewed my baptismal promise at Church so I'm good to go for another year. F*#K!" -4/8/12

I made my Lental Promise on 2/22 and here is the recap of my dirty mouth slip ups:

2/22: 2
2/23: 5
2/23: 2
2/26: 3
2/27: 3
2/28: 2
2/29: 3
3/1: 1
3/5: 1
3/8: 1
3/9: 2
3/12: 3
3/17: 1
3/18-3/23: 3
3/24: 2
3/25-3/30: 6
3/31: 1
4/4: 1
4/5: 1
4/6: 1
Total: 47

I went to Church on Easter Sunday, but I didn't bring my check book because I spent Easter in Jersey and I didn't want St. Mary's soliciting me for money all year when I'm only a C&E parishioner.  I'll bring a check of $47 to my Church on Sunday to keep my promise.  But overall I think I did pretty well for someone who gets "props ... for displaying the best comedic timing with foul words. she's pretty much the michael jordan of f-bombs." -Michael Crooks

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Maui Wowie

For the first time in 6 years I got to have a Spring Break again and it was ah-mazing.
I got to spend 9 days on Maui with my parents and my best friend, Megan and a few special hours with my brother and his family.

Let's recap

Saturday: Wake up at 3:00am for a 6:30am flight and arrive in Maui at 2pm.  Pool by 2:30pm with the family.  Family Dinner, Jackson finds a girlfriend in Megan and then an adventure to the ice cream shop.

Family Picture
Sunday: Wake up by 7am, kiss the kiddies goodbye and head to the beach.  Lunch at 12pm.  Pool at 2pm. Appetizers/Drinks/Dinner with parents at 6pm.  Bead by 8pm.

First Day at the Beach
Monday: The perfect vacation routine continues.  Beach. Lunch. Pool. Dinner at Sansei with Dad's friends Deek and Maria for sushi.

Tuesday: Whale watching at 8am.  Which was absolutely breath taking, we saw so many whales. Two sets of Mom and Baby whales, a group a males trying to impress a lady & a whale breaching.  Lunch.  Pool.  Then... Taco Tuesday at Fred's.  Bed by 9:30pm.

Beaching Whale
Taco Tuesday!
Wednesday: Day Trip to Haleakala National Park.  My Mom really wanted to go to the top of the volcano.  So we drove the windy roads for an hour and half to the Visitor's Center to reach 10,000 feet and it be completely over cast and rainy.  We turned around and went back down since we couldn't see a thing.  We drove down to Makawao, Up Country, where the hippies and cowboys live to walk around for a bit.  We then went over to Ho'Okipa Beach to watch all the surf activity.  We finally ended up in Pa'ia for a little more walking and shopping, but really so we could have Duck burgers at Cafe Mambo.  Pool in the late afternoon.

Dad being funny taking a pic of Mom taking a pic of us at Ho'Okpia Beach
Thursday: Beach in the morning. Lunch at Maui Brewing Company (I'm obsessed with their Coconut Porter and I don't even like Coconut, but it has a chocolate taste, yummy). Pool in the afternoon.  Dinner then bed by 8 or 9pm.

Friday: Another perfect routine vacation day.  Dinner then ice cream and cruising the Shops at Waliea.

Maui Sunset
Saturday: Its cloudy in the am so we skip the beach and just go to the pool.  After lunch we went to Macy's for a quick visit with my cousin.  Back to the pool for the rest of the day (and whale watching).  Dinner, then start packing, tears.

Sunday: Megan left in the am, tear.  And then me and parents drive to Makawao for dinner at Deek and Maria's for dinner.  After dinner it was time for the airport.  Real tears.

Last Day pic with parents
Monday: The shittiest part the 14 hour travel, the whole 6 hour time difference really 'effs you up.

Maui-Wowie photos