Saturday, May 28, 2011

27: Part 2

Birthday Party #2 was a Summer Kick Off Happy Hour at the Frying Pan celebrating both my Birthday & Amy's.

The Frying Pan

(Partial) Work Crew Almost There...


 Our little party was a BLAST!  We had a great turn out of friends and the weather was Ah-Ma-Zing!

I might have also fashioned my self a trash bag outfit...
The belted look really makes it trash bag chic

The Birthday/Summer Kick Off was a huge success.  Thanks to those who came out for a drink (or two or more) to celebrate.

check out the facebook album for more pics of both Birthday Parties Part 1 & Part 2: Youthful Looks in Old Age

Sunday, May 22, 2011

27: Part I

Want to know what my favorite Holiday is?      My Birthday.
Yup, May 20th is my favorite day of the year.  I love that one day of the year it can legitimately be all about me.  The gifts, cards, phone calls, texts, facebook wall posts all wishing me a happy birthday.  I love feeling so popular & special, I just can't help it.  One day a year it's all about Me.

First you must celebrate....
I threw myself a little impromptu birthday party and it was a good time.

(Insert picture here of my fav's that Matt has yet to send me)
The Picture ...

Redheaded Sluts!

Every Man needs a slut at least once...
Do I look 27?
Thanks to those who came to celebrate & sorry for those who showed up literally right after I hopped into a cab & headed home.

Then Rapture...
But the end of the world did not come, how disappointing.  So I spent the day having some Alyssa time.  I went to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit and It was AMAZING.  Highly recommended.
Even better was that I got the student discount without showing my NYU ID.  Thank God for my youthful looks at my 'old' age AND free audio headset for paying with my Amex.  It was totally my day at the Met.
After the McQueen exhibit I strolled through the Modern Art galleries for a bit then headed home.

David Hockney. One of my favorite artists

The Day after.....
It was gloomy all day, so I went to see Bridesmaids.  It was f*#king HILARIOUS!  But apparently my youthful looks are really kicking in my 'older' age since I got carded before I could even purchase the ticket for the movie.  Note to self, when not wearing makeup & hair is in a messy bun I look like a 17 year-old.

Overall, pretty good birthday weekend.  So thanks for all the cards & birthday wishes. Next up, 27 - Part II.  Happy Hour Birthday Party at Frying Pan next Thursday with co-celebrant Amy!  It should be a good one....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Memories

My Mom is still in the midst of creating my baby book (don't ask. It's been 26 years, wait almost 27 years in the making) and she asked me to scan her my favorite picture of me & my PopPop. 
I love this picture so I thought I would share...

This was at his New Jersey State Senate inauguration in 1991.  Love.

It was a BIG day, yesterday...

As many of you know I brag about my cousin Ashley being a Catcher for the Syracuse Orange Softball team.  Yesterday Syracuse won their second-BIG EAST Softball Championship title and Ashley played the entire game which just happened to be televised on ESPN2.  It was such a proud/exciting moment for our family and it was so thrilling to see Ashley (aka Biff) doing her thing.  I mean how often do you see anyone in your family on ESPN playing collegiate sports?

I had my DVR set to record so I could keep this 'forever', but there was no way I wasn't going to watch this live.  Every time the camera paused on Ashley I would pause my tv and and snap a picture of Ashley (obsessed much?).  It was just so exciting....

Here are a few pictures I took during the game, but I can't wait to see the pictures that my Aunt & Uncle took who were actually there!!

Check it out - A. Dimon as Catcher

A little on the mound pep talk/convo

Look at her, so precious - in that intimidating kinda way...

It was a really good game until the bottom of the 7th inning, then it got INTENSE...
Syracuse was up 1-0 and Louisville was at bat.  Check out the game highlights at 3:00 when Ashley pegged the runner in the back after she had a minor flub catching. Then you can see it in slow-mo at 3:12 (kinda proud of her, hopefully the other player has a nice bruise between her shoulder blades thanks to my Biff).  And just when I'm about to have a heart attack, Syracuse wins!!  You can see it at 3:23.

2x-BIg East Champs!  Of Course Ash is Front & Center in her Catchers gear
Next up .. NCAA Tournament!  (which will also be televised, watch out kids... its going to be wild!)

As soon as the game ended and my Aunt sent me the picture above and then I was put on assignment to camp out in Times Square so I can wait for a picture of the team to be posted.  Wait what?! I asked Ashley to please contact the "media lady" on possible times the picture could be posted, so I'm not spending my life in my personal hell.  I love Ashley to death, but I value my sanity more, lol.  But I'm really excited to go and take the picture when it is there in Times Square, because come on that is really cool...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mommy Dearest

I haven't been able to spend Mother's Day with my Mommy in years and I do love her so I sent her 4 Hallmark cards.  Now that's LOVE! 
I also know I'm a little late with this posting but I went through all my photos and found a few pictures of us that I really liked and I thought I would share (please note that I surprisingly don't actually have that many pics of us together in the first place)...

So, here's to the best Mom I could ever ask for.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Natural History Museum

Today I went on a little adventure to the Natural History Museum.

The Museum had some really awesome exhibits going on...

The World's Largest Dinos

Vegetarians have smaller brains - just sayin

Some more Dino fossils...

Because you can't miss this dude...
Dum Dum wants Gum Gum

 The Butterfly Conservatory was awesome, a little muggy but totally awesome.

There was also a really cool Human Brain exhibit, but I was too enthralled & engaged to take pictures.

Mother Nature got the memo

So Mother Nature finally got the memo that its Spring!  and its about freaking time.  The sun is shining, the temperature is above 60 degrees so there isn't much more a girl can ask for besides a tan (well a "tan" for me). 

To prepare myself for my favorite seasons, Spring & Summer I took almost all of my entire Fall/Winter wardrobe to the dry cleaner on Friday to the tune of $245. But I guess its a bargin for 2 wool walkers, 1 silk dress, 1 top, 1 pair of pants, 1 cashmere sweater and 10 dresses to be cleaned so I could pack them away and not look at them for another 5 months (it should have been 6 or 7, but once again Mother Nature and that memo).  Then Saturday morning I took out my Summer dresses from their space bags and now hello color!  I can't wait to start wearing pink, bright blue & colorful dresses.

Now I just need to buy new beach towels so I can spend my weekends in the Park.