Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Irene Update (I promise)

So Irene has come and gone and you would have no idea that she even stopped by the UES.

The sun is shinning, its a little windy but the only evidence that she threatened the City is that half the shops and restaurants are still boarded up and there are a ton of leaves scattered on the street.  Boy, the clean up effort is going to be rough.  Just don't look at me to chip in because I got a mani/pedi on Friday.  Otherwise all the Upper East Sidders are out and about walking around, eating lunch (at the open restaurants) and enjoying the day.  The media hyped up Irene too much and I blame the meteorologists who got their socks off reporting on this storm.

And so far, I've accomplished almost everything left on my list:
-Make list of items I need to buy at Target: check
-File papers: check
-Finish new Jennifer Weiner book
-OCD organize my already OCD organized apartment: check
-Make another to do list
-Watch another movie (tonight maybe?)
-Drink the two bottles of wine (with dinner)
-Find something else to do?  Maybe use the medicine ball collecting dust on my bookshelf and give myself some abs? (umm....)

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