Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phase 2

This post is for those particular friends who have given me so much shit for not posting updates on the progress of my decorating of my apartment.

So, let me update you all... I'm in phase 2.
I've finished purchasing all the furniture (except for one piece, the entry way table) and there are actual window coverings to bring warmth into the abode and give me some privacy.  I've done a little decorating, but the major wall pieces and nick knacks will come later.

For your visual pleasure:

 Updated the bathroom with a new vanity, functions* much better than a pedestal sink.

Got my Home Improvement on and assembled my side table.  I've got mad assembly and direction following skills. 

 The bamboo blinds in the living room. They add warmth to the room while letting in light and blocking the morning/mid-day glaring Sun.

The entry way accent wall with some frames. My new throw pillows on the couch and finally got a chair for my desk that can also be used as additional seating when everyone can't fit on the couch.  My old entertainment center looks completely different now that it isn't covered with so much stuff.

The bedroom updates: Roman blackout shades because we all know I don't do light in the am (and they're great for when I have a migraine :( ).
Make-up vanity, who knew I could finally have a vanity?  I didn't but, love that I do.  In May I'll be getting a new bed, I've already purchased the bedding (thinking ahead, as usual).

Today I went to the Container Store and got my OCD on designing two closets, my entry way coat closet and linen closet.  They deliver on 2/14 and install on 2/15, I can't wait to get uber organized!!