Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opps... I've forgetten to update

So I’ve been a little behind on updating this… So here’s a recap of this summer’s activities (its kinda long)

-Vegas Memorial Day weekend.  Had typical travel issues with my flight; almost had a meltdown when the flight was going to be canceled due to rain, but thankfully it wasn't just tremendously late.  Spent the weekend with my favs doing what we do best: pool, drink, gossip – over & over again.
I was really "tired"
Alex, Megan, Me & Jamie
Drinks by the pool - Perfection!

-Promotion!  I was promoted at work to Manager of Credit & Gift Cards; it wasn’t only a vertical move but also a lateral.  I’m still getting my feet wet, but I’m enjoying learning a whole new role and can’t wait till I know what I’m really doing to really excel and make some positive changes.

-My boobs were approved!  After 3 months of visiting a chiropractor 3 times per week my insurance approved my breast reduction.  Mark your calendars for Sept 24th; it will be the last day I wake up with my ginormous knockers.

-July 4th in South Carolina.  Went down South with Shelly & Rob for an awesome weekend at Melissa’s lake house.  Spent the weekend on the lake eating Pat’s amazing bbq, drinking excessively and just having an amazing time wearing a green romper.

Orig NYC Roomies -- Shelly, Me & Becky

Rob & Shelly

Everyone loves Rompers (they were from Walmart)

-July 5th was my 4-year NYC anniversary.  I can’t believe I’ve been here for 4 years and I’m still here.

-Meggy got to visit for a day!  Megan was able to come to NYC for a work assignment and we got to have dinner.  It was the best Monday night I’ve had in a long time.

-I got an ipad!  It was my birthday present from my parents but it just took awhile to officially make it in my hands.  I LOVE it!  I’m reading like crazy on it and addicted to the game flight control (thanks to Shelly).
Dont look at my shiny face - I blame it on office lighting
-Philly (well outside of Philly) in August for Rob & Shelly’s engagement party.  Well obviously Rob & Shelly got engaged this summer, its been a long time coming and I’m so excited for them.  They were very thoughtful to invite me, I was the only NYC friend in attendance.  The party was a lot of fun; I got to hang out with Becky-who I never get to see anymore and was an honorary member of the Stier clan for the weekend.  And after eating at Rob’s house I’ve deiced that I need to marry a rich Italian for the food.  
How everyone should travel on NJ Transit back to the city

Please enjoy Ella Joy's (Shelly's 4-year old niece) amazing song that she performed for us over the weekend in Philly.  I'm the purple-y one, I think Becky is the blanket-y one, Shelly the white-y and Rob the hairy one.

So now summer is coming to an end it seems sooner that it really should be but I have a few more adventures to partake on and then its my favorite season: Fall in NYC…