Friday, December 30, 2011

Home for the Holidays

This year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be able to go home for Christmas and celebrate the Holiday with my parents in warm, sunny San Diego.

The Christmas Day Forecast

When I got there, my Mom had already broken her foot from trying to ensure that I wouldn't have a Charlie Brown Christmas.  My brother was also home to get lasik repair surgery.  And on Friday night we got to have a true old school Frazier Family dinner at Tony Jacal's.

Ian left on Christmas Eve so he could spend Christmas with his Family in NorCal and that left me, Mom and Dad at home for a quiet night.  Christmas Day we organized Dad's new wine fridge and sadly enough I really enjoyed it.  That's what you get when you give an organized OCD freak a organization project.

She used the vacuum as a crutch

Even though I was only home for 3 days (I wish it were more), it was the perfect So Cal Christmas.

I then came home to my depressing effort of Holiday Cheer...

At first I really tried, maybe a little too much because I nearly drowned it and now it's dying a slow waterless death.  Next year, plastic.