Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Somebody got dressed up

And that person was Me! And I looked good, damn good!!

Tonight was the Ultimate Facelift Gala at work and I really enjoyed getting all dressed up.  It was a great reason to buy a new dress, new shoes and get my makeup done.  Except once I got all dressed up no one recognized me since I never look like this.  But I got a lot of compliments, so maybe I should "dress up" more often.

Side Note: My feet were killing me by 9pm but it was totally worth it, because I looked good!

Nor Cal Weekend

Who knew traveling could be so easy?  If you know anything about me I usually have the worst travel karma EVER!  I'm never someone you want to travel with, but for some reason the travel God's were on my side Thursday evening.  I had an easy peasy subway ride to JFK, breezed through security, had time to have a nice meal in the French Bistro (flying Jet Blue--side note: new goal to try every restaurant in the Jet Blue terminal), casually walked over to my gate and then was able to board the plane early.  The Captain greeted the plane letting us know that this was a flight going direct to Cancun and if we were on the wrong flight we needed to advise a member of the flight crew immediately.  No one moved, because hell I'd rather go to Cancun vs. Oakland any day.  Best part of flight, we arrived early!  Seriously I didn't know travel could be so easy.

Friday morning was spent doing something I love, shopping at Nordstrom.  I took a little ride down to Corte Madera for a little shoe shopping.  Then stopped by Sonoma for a quick visit to the campus and then had the most amazing lunch, In-n-Out!  Had a #2 animal & protein style with animal style fries and a pink lemonade, don't judge its been 8 months since my last animal style.  Oh, and Friday night we had Golden Spoon for dessert and I totally forgot how much I really do love fro-yo.  I had chocolate and peanut butter with brownie crumbled for a topping.  Delish!


Saturday morning was spent at Pezzi King winery for their late harvest picking event with my parents.  Thanks to the torrential rainfall most the planned events were modified and thus more alcohol was consumed.  But overall it was a really interesting event; we got to see an abbreviated version of making wine and were able to taste juices, wine from the tanks and some of their bottled reserve vintages (I was taking pictures and posting to facebook then I got a text from Megan “Enough pics of the scenery and events.  Post some pics of urself.  I want to see the new and improved bbk J”).  Then they fed us a Mexican feast that was delicious and kept refilling our wine glasses while we were all under tents while the rain poured down around us.  By the time we left we were soaked and cold with our stomachs full of yummy food and great wine.  Quick stop at home to change into dry clothes and then I headed back to campus for the ACAC semi-annual meeting.  When I got to campus Alexandria and Melissa were anxiously waiting to see the new ladies, lol (they’re just so popular).  The meeting was a meeting, nothing too exciting but I think lots of great ideas/next steps came out of the meeting.  Excited for the next 6 months of great ACAC actions.  But the best part of Saturday, we watched the Goonies!  "Hey you guys!"
ACAC - well those of us who made it out for HH

Sunday we celebrated Ian's birthday (its really Thursday) with BBQ ribs, potato salad, chocolate cake decorated in Charger colors (it didn’t help the Chargers) and ice cream.  It was all very delicious, maybe too delicious.
Ian's Happy Birthday present from Jackson - a Hug!

And guess what, again Monday the travel Gods were with me.  It might have taken 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive 68 miles to SFO but I breezed through security, we might have boarded 30 minutes late but arrived 30 minutes early.  Those are some amazing tail winds!  And I even got into a cab within seconds of getting outside.  Only crappy part of Monday was unpacking.  Unpacking is almost as bad as packing.

Jackson:  This 3 year-old is now an iPad pro.  He can turn on, login, change pages & play games on both my Dad's and my iPad with ease.  Honestly, its disgusting how smart and tech-savvy today's youth is but he's just so cute when he's concentrating so hard on the games.  Now both our iPad's have pages of kid’s games (some I think I'll save and play later).  His interest has now become obsessive so I don't know how Ian & Teresa are going to handle "can I play with your iPad?" when there are no more iPads to play with anymore.  Side Note: Must clean iPad after sticky/buggery fingers have been all over it.

Makenzie: Let me tell you, she is just so precious!  There are ugly babies out there (I'll be honest, not all babies are cute) but Makenzie is so freaking cute, like Gerber baby cute.  She's such an easy baby until she got sick Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (poor thing has two eye infections and a cold) but I could love on her all day long.  And she loves her Auntie Lyssa because Saturday night she slept in my arms during the Goonies and Meghan said "You look good with a baby" maybe that’s just because it was so easy with her (I never considered myself a "baby" person).  I can't wait till she gets a little older and I can dress her in fabulous outfits with ruffle butts and bows.

One of the best parts of the weekend was seeing Meghan, my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  Since I moved to NYC and she went back to school we don't ever get to see each other, so it was really awesome to spend some time with her and catch up on each other’s lives.  But we have the type of relationship that we always pick up from where we left off no matter what's happened in between.  Love that girl!  Now we just need to plan a movie weekend.

Lets talk about the rain issue... I left NYC with rain in the forecast expecting a Sunny Nor Cal and got rain.  WTF?!  This is supposed to be nice, crisp sunny weather and I get torrential downpours.  I did not pack for this!

So my Mom is a total caregiver and both my brother & I take advantage of her.  Mom wants to be needed and boy do we need her when she’s around.  “Mom can I have a glass of water?”  “Mom can you do this?”  “Mom can you do that?”  And she does! And its not like we can help it, especially me since I never get to see/use her as much as I like.  Gotta love Mom!  She is a pretty amazing lady for always being selfless with her kids.

Since both Mom & Dad cooked every night, I was eating way better than I usually do.  This too delicious home cooking did a little number on my weight loss; I gained 2.8 lbs – yikes!

Overall it was an awesome weekend and wish I could have stayed longer, especially to love on Makenzie.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recovery Part 3

Friday, 10/15/10: Stitches Out
Today was the second to last step in the medical journey of appointments, I got my stitches out!  I had to call my sister-in-law last night so I could get an overview of the procedure since I've never had stitches actually removed (usually they just dissolve since all previous surgeries have been of the oral nature) so I needed a heads up of what I was to expect.  Or else I would probably hyperventilate on my way to the appointment with the fear of the unknown. 
It was actually quite easy, just a little pinching and snipping not too shabby.  My Doctor looked at the ladies & said they're healing perfectly (woot woot).  I can go back to my so-called "normal" life and slowly start lifting weights (but not too much) again. 

But first lets try with staying up past 9pm then we'll head back to the gym.  Though I really want the swelling to officially go down I was told I have to be patient because its going to take a few more months and about a year for the ladies to find their right place.  I'm not a patient person, so I guess this is good life lesson.

At the next appointment (in one month) all that needs to happen is a quick look at the healing progress.  I should expect my Doctor to say they are healing perfectly and they are looking good.  Cause they do look good, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Down 10

Exciting news kids, I lost 10 pounds! (well its actually 9.9, but I'll round up)

So you're wondering how did I do this, let me explain.

Because of my operation I'm restricted from the gym till mid-November and banned from lifting anything heavy till I don't know when.  So I thought why not start Weight Watchers since my lifestyle was heading to more sedentary one and gaining weight wasn't on the recovery agenda.  My boobs use to always stick out farther than my stomach & now that they are significantly smaller I need to make sure the ratio is still intact. 

On August 31st, I weighed in (and it was a little scary), set a goal of less 5% and started tracking.  And like magic Today, October 12 I met my first goal.  Though I think the week after surgery's loss of 2.5 lbs could have been due to the ladies or the fact that the very little I ate was regurgitated the first two days (but we won't tell WW).  But I'm not done yet!  I've got a new goal, another less 5%.  So wish me luck for another down 10!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 Weeks with Mom

A reflection of spending the last two weeks with my Mom:
She is amazing!  She cleaned my bathroom twice (it was not up to her standards), no more mildew!  She also cleaned my kitchen thoroughly, dusted my bookshelf, vacuumed and did my laundry (multiple times).  If you know me, you know I’m a very clean and organized person but my Mom takes it to another level.  But she was the best caretaker I could have asked for; when I needed a water refill she was there with a filled cup, when I was hungry for a snack there one was, when I was feeling down she was there to pick me up and always on time with my medications.  I am ever thankful for her taking two weeks of her life to take care of me.  Running errands around town for me making sure I have everything I need, whether its taking an adventure to Costco to buy me a mattress top so my back wont hurt at night or finding a medical supply store to get more non-adhesive, hypoallergenic bandages.  She made amazing dinners every night, even my favorite Chicken with a Mascarpone-Marsala sauce.  The most amazing thing is that we didn’t kill each other.  Now I’m kinda sad that she won’t be waking me up tomorrow morning, making me breakfast and sending me off to work and really sad that she won’t be at my apartment when I get home.  As much pain as I was in these past two weeks it was a real pleasure to spend some quality time with just my Mom.  Love her!

I'm an Auntie Again

Welcome Makenzie Frazier!  She came into the world at 9:24 am pst on Friday 10/08/10, she weighs 7.35 pounds and she is 19 inch long. 

How Precious!  Jackson loves his new baby sister

Hello Beautiful

Recovery Part 2

Wednesday, 9/29/10: The tubes are out!
Wednesday was a very exciting day… I went outside!  Had an appointment at my Doctor’s office to have my drainage tubes pulled out and all the tape pulled off.  The tape portion wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, the tubes on the other hand was a totally different sensation that I’ve never felt before.  It wasn’t painful per se but it sure wasn’t pleasant, it was just weird.  I could feel the tubes coming out & it felt like he was pulling for days, those suckers were in there far.  The whole thing only took 15 minutes; those Doctor’s are quick.  Now I’m wearing almost the same training bra I wore in elementary school to make sure the ladies are protected.
Then we packed up for the big excursion to New Jersey for the rest of my recovery week.  A trip to NJ was definitely needed, my apartment was getting just a little too small and a bigger space was necessary.

Thursday – Saturday, 9/30-10/2/10: Recovering in Jersey
I had my first shower in a week!  Don't worry I was clean the whole week thanks to sponge baths, but this was the first time I got to wash my hair.  When I started with the shampoo I pulled out so much hair I could have made a toupee for a bald man.  Had daily adventures with my Mom running errands, going to dinner with my family and finally got a much needed manicure and pedicure.

Sunday, 10/3/10: Ut Oh
We had a minor set back.  Woke up Sunday morning with a rash developing on my right boob, not OK.  So while I hung on the couch my Mom and my cousin Jonathan packed the car for the drive back into the city.  It looked like I was going to college, the trunk was packed with crap—trips to Costco, Acme, Target and BBB really add up in the merchandise department along with all my laundry in the back.  Drive back to the city was a breeze and I even got the expect opinion of Dr. House (aka Dr. Looze) diagnosing my red boob as an irritation/rash over bbm.  The ride to the city only took an hour but once we go through the Lincoln Tunnel it was 45 minutes to my apartment thanks to those friendly Polish walking down 5th Ave.
Not feeling 100% Sunday evening my sister-in-law demands I call my Doctor’s office since my rash could actually be an infection and there is a possibility I could become septic (I don’t know what that is, but it sure sounds serious—it happened a lot on Grey’s Anatomy).  Call the doctor’s office and I had to text pictures of my boobs to my Doctor (the only time sexting is allowed) to find out that I have an allergic reaction to adhesive.  Had a prescription called into the 24 hour Duane Reade for some super antibiotics and I stocked up on some Tylenol & Benadryl to help with some of the pain and the massive itchiness.

Monday-Friday, 10/4-8/10: Back to work
Monday was my first day back and I was excited to get back into the groove.  Being at home for a week was not a vacation or even a stay-cation it was Closter phobic.  I needed to get my routine back, damn it.  I got a little too ambitious on Monday getting in at 8:30 and leaving at 5, with only a minor interruption of a quick appointment at my Doctor’s office to have the serti-strips removed (goodbye adhesive, hello stitches).  I was scolded on Monday when I got home for over doing myself, so I promised to leave earlier on Tuesday.  Wednesday wasn’t my best day, my ambitiousness got the better of me and I ended up on my couch by 3pm and in bed by 8pm.  Apparently I really wasn’t listening to my body because I slept in till 7am on Thursday morning.  Everyday I came home from work, changed into pjs, plopped on the couch and vegged while Mom made something yummy for dinner, watched a show and went to bed.  If I ignored anyone it wasn’t on purposes, I was so exhausted from the day.  But I’m finally learning to listen to my body and know that you don’t recover in a day and it takes time.

Weekend, 10/8-10/10: Jersey again for some “relaxation”
Spent the weekend in Jersey with my Mom and we did my favorite bonding activity Saturday, shopping at Nordies!  After having a rough to weeks nothing makes me feel better than some retail therapy at my favorite store.  Even better, I was trying on clothes in smaller sizes and even bought a button up shirt!
Recovery wise, this weekend has been crazy!  My swelling has gone down significantly, my rash looks more like sunburn, and blisters are starting to heal.  Things are looking up!