Saturday, November 17, 2012

Moving, Part 1

I took possession of this view on Thursday

and moving is on Monday!  so, its time to officially pack...

A 1/4 of my place was already packed

but, today was the day to get aggressively packed.  So Michelle came over and helped my anxious ass get seriously packed up.  We packed my bedroom, what's left of my closets (besides my clothes), my living room and my kitchen.

Tomorrow we tackle the entertainment center and errands for moving Monday. 

I feel good about it all.  I think I'm ready for the big MOVE. 

Then its organization time, my favorite thing for my OCD.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Frazier B&B

Since Sandy caused power outages through all of lower Manhattan, 41st and south on Monday night I've been off work all week because my office is on 39th & 5th and they haven't restored power back to that area yet, but hopefully by Monday.  I've been going stir crazy at home without a schedule.  I wonder if this is what unemployment feels like.  My apartment is clean, organized and I've made some amazing meals with my time off.  I wish I was already moved in to my new apartment, my time would be better utilized there getting my new home put together.


To help keep myself occupied and get some social activity back into my life, I've opened up a little Bed & Breakfast in my apartment for a few friends who are without power starting on Wednesday.

Melanie was the first friend to come up, it took her an hour to get 65 blocks in the late morning once they opened up the streets to cabs and some public transportation.  Once she got her she charged all her electronics and was thankful to see a flushing toilet.  We were going to go to lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant across the street, but when we arrived there was a group of LES (lower east side) blocking the doorway and being all "cool", so we opted for the lesser choice of Blockheads.  Then we headed over to the madness that was Fairway Market to get food for Wednesday and Thursday. 

Amy and Chris came up Wednesday evening for dinner and so Amy could shower.  Amy felt like a whole new person after getting clean.

After I made dinner we went out to meet Chris' friends at a bar in midtown for Halloween. Amy dressed like a women who wanted her power back and I apparently dressed like Wilma Flintstone (thanks to a guy at the bar who asked if that's what I was dressed up as, I said, well of course).  At first we thought we could take a cab, we went 3 blocks in 5 minutes and then Amy made the executive decision we could walk 20 blocks faster, which was true.  After a few drinks for Halloween Mellie and I headed back uptown for bed.

Thursday morning Amy called to advise that she just couldn't live in the darkness anymore and was coming over.  Thursday we all did as much work as we could remotely from our blackberries and home laptops, but let's be honest its not the same as being at your desk.  Thursday night it was a full house because Amy and Chris decided to spend the night too, Slumber Party!  So I made a fabulous dinner of grilled skirt steak and we had a few bottles of wine while flipping between The Voice and X-Factor. 

Friday mid-morning Amy and Chris headed out to the Hampton's to his Aunt house to get out of the City and Mel and I brunch at Luke's Lobster.  Then the most amazing thing happened, my Laundromat opened and my laundry from last week was no longer held hostage. 

Friday's brunch
Melanie is now waiting for the robo call from ConEd that her power is back on.  Maybe Saturday night...? 

As for our plans for the rest of the weekend: food, tv, out with friends left in the City...?