Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho this Nasty Rain Has Got to Go!

This rain will not stop and now it’s getting personal. It seems like Mother Nature [MN] is destroying our lives on purpose trying to make everyone wet and depressed. Does MN have a personal vendetta against the North East or me in particular, wanting to pound us with rain on a daily basis? Its Spring give me some glimpse of sunshine please! I always thought April showers brought May flowers, not March showers bring depression and random women turned orange in 50-degree weather.

I switched out my closets on the first day of Spring expecting to actually wear the clothes now hanging in my closet without freezing or getting soaked. I’ve also decided to be rebellious and not wear tights anymore because, well fuck its Spring but some days the wind is whipping and rain is pelting and then I regret being such a rebel.

So the weather is supposed to change at the end of this week to be in the 70s for Easter weekend, but some how I doubt it will last. MN likes to tease us with little glimpses of the real Spring/Summer weather should be then takes them away like a vindictive bitch that wants to control everyone’s happiness. What a Bitch!

Sometimes I really debate moving back to San Diego; especially on the days when my friends & family call to tell me they’re at the beach while I’m stuck inside on a miserable day. I want to be at the beach getting a “tan” and enjoying the sunshine not watching some lame Lifetime movie because I refuse to go outside on a nasty day. Grr

I really hope this Easter weekend breaks through the storms for good and we finally get to see some sunshine, warmer weather and happiness for all, because lets be honest no one is nice when it rains.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A week in review

Last week seemed like one of the longest weeks of my life, the torture would never end. Every day I had something to do after work and made it home no earlier than 9:30pm and usually around 10:30pm, which many of you know, is WAY past my bedtime. Going to the gym was an unachievable task since I could barely roll out of bed to get ready for work. Monday was OB class-got a 92% on my midterm; Tuesday was an adventure to Costco w/ Jackie; Wednesday was a very special day of celebrating MC’s retirement; and Thursdays I had drinks w/ my Cousin Michael who was in town for a conference. Friday night was the first day of the week I had nothing planned and I relished in it. I left my anxiety at the door (my apartment was totally disheveled) and ordered some take out, had a few glasses of wine while I caught up on all the TV shows I missed during the week and then finally watched New Moon (totally thought it was Eclipse, but Meggy informed me I was wrong) and all-in-all Friday was amazing. I really enjoyed the week, but it was just too much for me. I’ve learned that I don’t do so well when I’m overwhelmed or over booked, plus I was upset that I missed tap class on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday was freezing (Um, I thought this was Spring?) and spent the day running errands and cleaning up my apartment. Took some time from putting my life back together and ordered the Blind Side onDemand and now I think I must own it. Sandra was great but I really wanted to put the character SJ in my pocket so I could take him everywhere. He was just too precious. Saturday night was so much fun, we to dinner and drinks with Sara and Anthony and had a great night until I did my drunk ditch around 12:30am. According to Lisa I was really drunk much earlier in the night that I realized, Opps. Couldn’t find a cab home so I had to take the subway, I wasn’t so drunk after that sobering ride. Sunday was kinda rough in the am, but I powered through and made my lunches for the week then Brian dragged me out to Ikea for the afternoon. Our trip had a small detour to a bar for beer & lunch while we “waited” for the water taxi. I wore my new sneakers all afternoon and by the end of the day my legs were killing me and my ass better be an inch higher because those shoes are intense. Best part of Sunday was Shelly coming over, hanging out for a while then stealing some books & shirts from me. Overall the weekend totally made up for the hectic overwhelming week I had. Just hoping this week is a little less intense so I can get back to some normalcy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today's Twittascope

Today’s Twittascope: You may feel as if someone is rubbing you the wrong way today. You can choose to remain irritated or you can use the discomfort as a learning experience. You don't have to stay quiet and let another person continue to annoy you. Stand up for yourself and clearly state your limits. Your relationships will have the potential to develop and grow if you are honest and keep your anger to a minimum.

This is totally something you want to see at 5:30am when you wake up exhausted from a very long frustrating day. You wish it would give you that total motivation to take the world by its balls and tell it, “well f**k you, stop annoying me!” and now I’m going to the gym to work it out. But the suckey thing is that it really set the day to be a real low; I’ve prepared myself for a suckey day, which honestly sucks.

I think this horoscope would have been more appropriate yesterday when it seemed like everything and everyone was ‘rubbing’ me the wrong way. It was one of those wake up on the wrong side of the bed/bad hair/didn’t want to, but wore tights kind of day. Nothing seem to go right from the moment I woke up till I went to bed, its not like it was a total waste of a day and there were some bright spots, but overall I really would have preferred just spending the day in bed eating mac & cheese and watching Eclipse: The Twilight Saga on Netflix. So maybe today’s horoscope could have been a recap of yesterday versus a preview of today.

So here’s to hoping today surprises me and the rest of the week isn’t so freaking stressful or aggravating.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Starts Tomorrow at 1:32pm EST

Today is the last day of winter and today’s high is supposed to be 72 degrees; this is the most amazing news I think I’ve heard in a long while. I’m so excited to break out the spring collection and get rid of all the black and grey in my closet and especially all those tights. Tomorrow at 1:32pm EST (The official transition from Winter to Spring) I’m going to decide that this time I mean it.

If you know me, you know that I’m very good at saying I’m going to do something 100% and then finding some lame excise to back out. For example: Lent, this year I was supposed to give up un-healthy snacks and chocolate. The chocolate ban flew out the window within a week and the unhealthy snacks; well I can’t pass up a birthday cupcake. Or the March Bodacious Bod challenge with Brian. The goal of the challenge was to get to the gym the most times in a month racking up points for different exercises and time spent in gym. Going to the tracking form I’ve only gone to the gym or tap class 8 times this month, compared with Brian whose preparing for the NYC half marathon and actually trying to win the challenge. And the major failed ‘I’m going to really do this’ has been weight watchers. I’ve been using ww online for over 6 months and I’ve only lost 5 lbs. I’ve been trying to lose 20 lbs since I moved to the city in 2006 and became an avid fan of dining out and take out versus the healthier (and the more enjoyable) option of cooking at home. I don’t follow the rules 100%--I eat outside my point limit, never count the alcohol I drink or the chocolate snacks I steal from CZ’s desk and I’m pretty sure my measurements are totally off. So I all do is fluctuate within the same weight.

Now I’ve decided that this spring (starting Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 1:32pm EST) I need to get out of my vicious circle of lame excuses and really do what I set out to do especially now that I have concrete reasons why I need to make changes. Reason 1: Vegas Memorial Day weekend, I’ve got to look good if I want free drinks and to look good at the pool. Reason 2: Have to get fit before my surgery, if I’m going to be limited in my regular every day activities for over a month and unable to dance or lift weighs for probably two or three months I need to go in being the fittest I can be. Plus it would totally suck to have new perky boobs with a flabby stomach. So I’ve got my motivators, new sneakers, and the sunshine now there is no reason I can’t hit the gym in the am before work, consistently make it to tap class and actually follow the rules of ww (I did it once before, I can do it again). So wish me luck on this new adventure because this time I mean it.

Something new.. But nothing too special

So I’ve decided to write this blog about life in general, nothing really specific.