Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm a Homeowner

Or really...  I own 168 shares of Mill Rock Plaza, 725 square feet of my very own on the 29th floor.

I had my closing ceremonies for the most overwhelming, frustrating, longest, out of control event of my life (thus far) on Tuesday, 10/23.  I had a very nice bank teller write the biggest check of my life out of my bank account and then I handed it over and at that moment I felt very poor.

My broker likes to tell me that it's all down hill from here.  He obviously hasn't figured out HOW much of a control freak with OCD that I am.  I haven't moved yet.  That's not downhill, that's a whole lotta uphill until I'm moved in, organized and partially decorated.

Look out for awesome "I've moved" cards to come sometime in November and pictures of the new place once I'm all moved in and put together.

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