Monday, October 29, 2012

Labor Day aka Megan's Yearly Pilgrimage to NYC

As you may know, every year Megan makes her pilgrimage to NYC for Labor Day weekend and this year was no different.

We'll go day by day to get the cliff notes version of our weekend adventures

Thursday night: Megan arrives, we gossip and then go to bed.

Friday: I have my last Summer Friday, so Megan sleeps in and then meets me at work.  We walked in my personal Hell (Times Square) to our favorite College restaurant, the OG aka The Olive Garden for salad and bread sticks because its what we always do.  Then headed home for a quick nap because..

 Yankee's game vs Orioles Friday night.  The Yankees lost, but it was a great game none the less. 

Saturday:  We really classed it up and headed out to Coney Island.  Of course we had Nathan's hot dogs and rode the Cyclone.

Luna Park was OK, the rides were more expensive than the local fair I grew up with, but hey its NY, right?  But we got a few rides out of our credits and we had fun baking in the hot sun.  I think we got the most for our subway ride walking the boardwalk and scoping the locals.
Somehow we after shoving our faces full of Nathan's we managed to be hungry for dinner, so we ate at Vespa for some delicious Italian and then 16 Handles for dessert.  We gotta have our peanut butter sauce for our froyo.

Sunday: US Open!  All day tennis!  We saw Roddick's second to last match ever, which was quite amazing.

 Monday: Monday was something quite amazing.  First we went to the Brooklyn bridge for some touristy flare, then stumbled upon Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club.  Where we met an interesting group of 3 families from NJ who loved Megan because she was from the OC, they have 'Housewives too.  I would have to say that next Summer I'm going to have to head back to Beekman's for HH or weekends after brunches, it was an awesome find.

Megan and I then went to the 9/11 Memorial.  I was amazing breathtaking and beautiful.  I highly recommend a trip to the site.  Its awe-inspiring.

For dinner we ate at Serafina just to ensure we had consumed enough calories over the weekend.

Tuesday: Megan left.  So sad

As usual it was an amazing weekend of fun all over the City. Can't wait for next year's adventures....

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