Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, Sandy

So there is this Hurricane named Sandy that is supposed to be the perfect storm that is hitting the Eastern Seaboard tonight.  It's been rainy and windy all day, but nothing too scary on the UES.  I've had the day off and will have another day off tomorrow because of this classy gal.  They've shut down all transit and I've got nothing better to do than watch tv, blog, read and well that's really it.  If I continued to watch the news I would be curled up in the corner of my apartment crying for help, they really over dramatize everything.  There is a reason I don't live in lower Manhattan, Long Island, Coastal Jersey and in any flood plains.  There are parts of the UES, like FDR that are starting to flood a bit because the increase of water in the East River but I don't think it's going to make it up to 2nd or 3rd Ave.
Maybe I'm just jaded from Irene?  We all got over crazed, taped our windows, bought a million batteries, non-parishable food, etc and all we had in the City was some fallen twigs.

Yes, the wind is really starting to blow and some friends are texting getting a little more concerned about the weather, but I'm an optimist.  I'm not in any evacuation zone, I have a few bottles of wine, so I'm ready.

I think the name Sandy was a poor choice on the weather service, because all I can think of is the Grease song..

I would love it if a weather man dressed as Danny and serenaded Sandy, maybe she'd turn around and go back to High School...

More updates to come as she's supposed to become a Pink Lady and hit NYC this evening.

If anything, pray for me because the rumor is ConEd is shutting down power for certain parts of Manhattan.  Hopefully I will never be that certain part.

UPDATE: 5:15pm

Here is a pic from of what it looks like outside my apartment.  As you can see I have no cause for concern right now.  Just some rain and a few gusts a wind every once and a while.

 UPDATE: 7:15pm

I made a delicious shrimp dinner in honor of Sandy around 6:15 with a nice glass of wine.  She is now no longer a Hurricane but a Post-Tropical Storm.  Looking outside my window, its just crazy windy but crazier shit is happening around the area.  Check out the Daily News live tracker for a feed of the details, its bananas.  I might have cabin fever, but everything is still kosher on the UES.  I just seriously feel bad for those reporters who are out in the winds having to report "Its windy and the water is rising.  No one has seen anything like this ever".  No shit, send those reporters home, its all the same the water is rising on the coast and it's windy.

UPDATE: 10:55pm

As I'm going to bed, my street looks like any normal night. It is calm with just a few leaves on the street. I hear my neighbors doors opening from them coming and going.  I still have power, there is no rain, no flooding and though this entire ordeal I've only had a few major wind gusts.  It is times like these that I am grateful that I live on the Upper East Side.  I enjoyed a few bottles of my favorite "good" wine and watched way too much tv.  Let's hope I wake up to power unlike many friends who are going to bed without because they want to be 'cool' and live in lower Manhattan. 

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