Monday, October 29, 2012

I love you Tim!

Let's talk about my love for Tim McGraw and my college crush on Kenny Chesney...

Michelle and I went to the Brother's of the Sun Tour on 8/11 at Met Life Stadium. 

We got to the Stadium way earlier than we needed to, opps.  We didn't read the reviews that there are two opening acts before Timmy goes on.  So we had lots of time to eat and gossip about the concert goers finding their seats.

Its a very unique mix of fans in the stadium.  I don't know where the rednecks come from because they populated the Stadium like cockroaches.  Where is the 'country' outside the City where these fans come from?  There are the sophisticated folks who like country music (Michelle and I) and then there are the rednecks in too-tight Wranglers, plaid shirts or ripped t-shirts with a John Deer hat and chew in their mouth.  We won't get into the horrid cowboy hats some of the ladies were wearing.  WTF, what are these people thinking?  It was so redneck that during Tim's concert a fight broke out in the stands between two women.  It took Security and NJ State Police a few minutes to break it up.  It was OOC (out of control).

Back to the good stuff...

Tim looked amazing and sang all my favorite songs, even ones I had forgotten about but soon remembered as the chorus picked up.  "A heart don't forget something like that."

Kenny came out guns a blazin.  And we enjoyed 'sit[ting] right here and have another beer in Mexico'.

The best part... Encore with both Tim & Kenny singing their most popular songs!  It was by far the most amazing concert I've been too.  (And one of the longest).
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

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