Sunday, December 9, 2012

Phase 1A & 1B

So everyone keeps telling me that it takes time to officially phase from "moving in" to "decorating" to "living in".  But, I'm not that type of person who likes to wait.  I'm the person who wanted it all to happen the day I moved in.  My million dollar idea is to create a company that in one day, moves you from one place to another and completely unpacks, organizes and decorates your new place.  Perfection.  You heard it here first, so don't steal it (unless it already exists).
Still having a few boxes on the floor causes my OCD to flair up like a bad case of eczema.

Because you're all so demanding for pictures of the apartment... Here is where I am in the phases of moving, somewhere between moving in and decorating, aka Phase 1A
Living Room starting to look more put together

I purchased a desk

Today I completed Phase 1B.  I purchased a ton of furniture to finish the structure of my apartment.  Tomorrow I have someone coming to measure my windows for treatments.


Now I'm patiently waiting for things to be delivered and then I start decorating with nick knacks and putting up pictures.

Moving, Part 2

I know I'm a little overdue on the moving report...

Sunday before I moved Michelle and I ran a few fun before moving errands and then I headed over to my new abode to do a little house cleaning.  I met my next door neighbor, Jamie who was SO nice.  She was awesome to give me the low down for the floor, I got the general information on each of my neighbors and some informational gossip. 

To ensure we start this post off right, here are the before pics:

Front Door/Accent Wall
Living Room
And I know Evan (aka 2012's 2nd hottest Broker according to Curbed) will appreciate this picture, but I couldn't help but share how great he's been through this process.  During the walk through he cleaned my bathroom floor because of a leaking pipe (but I wont go there).  So I didn't really need to do much bathroom cleaning on Sunday.

Monday bright and early at 9am the Movers showed up ready to load up the last 3 years of my life into a moving van.

It took 3 movers only 3.5 hours to pack up 30 boxes and my furniture. Who knew I was such a hoarder and it's amazing how fast everything you own can be packed away.

(half of) Before & After
Once we (me & the movers) arrived at my new apartment it was a whirlwind.  Boxes started accumulating everywhere and then the movers where gone and I was all alone to unpack.  To so say I felt slightly overwhelmed was an understatement.  But really, I wanted to find the box that had my cooler of refrigerator contents which had my left over Pad Thai because I was STARVING!

Enough boxes?
Thank God for Michelle who came over after work and helped me unpack.  She totally kicked my kitchen's ass!  We kept it classy ate pizza and drank some prosecco for dinner to celebrate my new apartment.  I'm saving the classy champagne for when I feel like I'm completely moved in.

By the end of the night the living room was slowly unpacked....

 The bedroom was a lot easier to unpack than the living room.

My last look before I closed my eyes that night
I only wish I had taken off Tuesday and just not Monday, because let's be honest my need to organize is very intense.  OK, really I should have taken off the entire week because Thanksgiving was Thursday and I was already taking Friday off.  Oh, well.  Lesson learned for next time in 5-7 years.