Saturday, August 27, 2011

That bitch Irene

How I've prepared for the impending hurricane aka Irene:

-Order necessities (i.e.: baked beans, hot dogs, cheese, milk, oatmeal, milano cookies, pretzels, etc) from Fresh Direct and select the only available time slot for delivery available, Friday 8-10pm

-Get off work at 1pm (Summer Fridays)
-Head to nail salon for manicure/pedicure and 10 minute massage, what? That earthquake on Tuesday really messed up my nails, lol
-Head to the movies with all the old biddies to see The Help
-Stop by Wine Store and pick up two bottles for Sunday
-Walk over to Duane Reade and get 6-pack of water (just in-case)
-Head to expensive grocery store to get jelly & dark chocolate covered pretzels (the important things)
-Anally vacuum my apartment.  Like use the hose and go along the base boards and behind furniture and vacuum up anything that's not permanently attached to my apartment.
-Finally get groceries delivered
-Have great conversations with Parents & Best Friend
-Watch tv
-Go to bed

Saturday: Bracing for the "worst storm of our lives"
-Wake up early
-Head to Duane Reade to buy toothpaste, that might be important
-Scan receipts
-Reconcile Finances
-Watch too much news, get freaked out by the "media hype" deceide to stop watching the news
-Tape windows
-Take walk around Upper East Side b/c I was getting stir crazy inside
-Watch first movie of the weekend
-Write blog post

Saturday/Sunday: Other things I'm going to do while preparing for Irene or while Irene stops by
-Make list of items I need to buy at Target
-Anally clean kitchen
-File papers
-Finish new Jennifer Weiner book
-OCD organize my already OCD organized apartment
-Make another to do list
-Watch another movie (if I have power)
-Drink the two bottles of wine
-Find something else to do?  Maybe use the medicine ball collecting dust on my bookshelf and give myself some abs? 

Who knows what could happen I've got at least another 36 hours stuck inside my little apartment. Anyone want to visit me?  I'm in a "no zone".

How are other people prepping for Irene?  I don't know about you, but this bitch has really ruined my weekend plans to lay in the park & get a tan. 

But one fun fact there are at least 3 new twitter handles for Irene: @HurriicaneIrene, @irene, & my favorite, @ireneonthetown

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