Sunday, August 21, 2011

Special Cousin Time

It only takes years of pestering these girls to get them to make the hour and half trip to visit me in NYC and then finding the time in their busy calendars to actually make it happen.

My favorite cousins, Ashley & Chelsea, who seem more like my little sisters, came to visit me as a last little hurrah before the go back to School.  They showed up Friday afternoon just in time to help make the final decision on what Broadway show we were going to see that night.  I was standing in line at the Tkts booth under the red stairs in Times Square (my personal hell) deciding between a handful of options, final decision... PRISCILLA Queen of the Desert.

We stopped by the M&M store first so we could have snacks for the show.
Ash got Syracuse colors
Chels got BC colors

First we had dinner at the delicious taco shop/restaurant across the street my from Apartment.  Then we headed to Times Square to people watch & head to the show.  We got there a little early so we headed to the completely touristy over-priced bar, The View in the Marriott Marquee.  Then within a few minutes there was crazy thunder & lightening storm with thunderbolts like I've never seen before.  I was thankful to be inside but also having a huge ut-oh because I didn't bring any umbrellas.  I sent Chelsea down to the gift shop to buy us some cheap umbrellas so we could run across the street.

Rain didn't ruin our night because the show was Ah-MAZING!!
Ashley, Chelsea & Me

Saturday, was a whirlwind day.  The girls slept in, which I've actually never experienced before.  We watched two, almost three episodes of One Tree Hill for Ashley while we got ready and then we headed out for a full day of adventures.
We walked across the Park to the Natural History Museum for some culture.  Ashley took enough pictures that she would be a perfect Asian tourist (love ya, but you know it's true).

We then finally ate lunch at Brother Jimmy's on the UWS at then sauntered over to Insomniac Cookies for dessert. 
We walked off our lunch and dessert back through the Park and then took the 5th Avenue bus down to L&T so we could do a little shopping.  Chelsea and I ended up having a sock puppet show in the Shoe Department with Hunter Wellies while Ashley recorded the whole thing, I'm not sure I want to see it, lol. 
Dinner at Shake Shack was more interesting than expected only because a couple two tables down from us had 4 hot dogs and 6 burgers with fries and it was awe-inspiring and disgusting at the same time.  After being not so subtle we learned the husband had a rhythm to his consumption: hot dog then hamburger and the wife consumed 3 burgers on her own.  We wanted to stay to see them complete their entire meal but we couldn't because the girls had to head home.  Tear. 
It was a fabulous weekend spending time with some of my favorite people.

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