Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spokeo is Spookey

The site Spokeo takes cyber-stalking to another level & its straight up crazy. 

I highly recommend you stalk yourself and see how much info this site can accumulate on you.

Spokeo pulls the following results about you: Basic Information, Property, Family, Wealth, Lifestyle & Interests, Astrological Readings, Photos & Videos, Social Networks, and Neighborhood.  Those are just the basic results which they have a disclaimer that the "Data is not guaranteed for accuracy" BUT for full results which probably tell people serious personal information its only $2.95 year. 

I even more highly recommend you remove your profile from the site and thanks to Megan, below are the steps to delete your profile.

How to Remove yourself from Spookey Spokeo:

1. Search yourself
2. Command C or whatever to copy the link
3. Scroll to the very bottom of your page and click "Privacy"
4. A new page will open.  At the very bottom there is "Removing Your Listing from Spokeo"
5. Complete the steps pasting your page link
6. You'll get an email confirmation and have to click one more confirmation link to be removed
Happy Personal Stalking.  You're Welcome!

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