Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let's Spin

This morning I took my first ever spin class at Crank!
(I mean I've taken like 2 or 3 classes when I was a member of Equinox but I've never taken a class at a real studio with the shoes, dark room, etc - the whole shebang).  I was a little nervous when I signed up since I was pretty much clueless, but I reached out to Ashley for some guidance/sage wisdom since she is a spin-aholic.

Here are my tips:

Wear tight pant or shorts. Baggy things will ride the entire class bc you get up and down a lot. 

Hydrate starting now bc you sweat so much!

Tell the teacher you are new so you get the bike set up properly. 

It's so much fun and the class flies by! Rock out to the music and enjoy it. Can't wait to hear what you think!

I followed her advise to a T. Just to be safe I didn't go out on Friday night because my class was at 8:30am on Saturday morning and I wanted to hydrate appropriately.

I got the studio 15 minutes early just to be sure that I could get my bike set up properly and get the "tour".  Once I was set up and learned to clip in, I was ready to SPIN.  My teacher came over and walked me through the positions and cranked me up 3 intervals and said "stay there", I wasn't going defy instructions especially on my first try.  

The class was a lot of fun.  I was amazed at how much I could do/was doing.  I was keeping up at about 90% with the regulars in the class.  Thank God for all those years dancing/working out with trainers learning how to breathe; I felt like I was doing Lamaze for about 75% of the class.  I could never quite get my legs to spin as fast as the instructors or some of the other students when he said "FAST", as my hip flexors aren't that flexible/lose.  At about 3/4 way through the class, I had to hang back a bit more and stop being as "dancy". But, when I thought I couldn't really last much longer it was time for the cool down song, I survived!

I walked out of class dripping in sweat and red as a tomato (my face matched my shirt) and bought a 5-pack to try some more classes and teachers. 

I look so attractive ;/
My teacher was impressed on how well I did for a beginner, shit - so was I.  I was even more impressed with the crazy bitches who were taking back-to-back classes or coming back later that day for another.  The receptionist asked if I was going to come back tomorrow, I said "I'll see you next week".  I'm not that crazy and I'd like to be able to walk to work on Monday.  
Here's to hoping I get addicted to this like Ashley and a few of my other friends, but I'm thinking 1-day a week is a good start for now.

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