Friday, February 15, 2013

Phase 3: OCD Organize

Today I took off a half day at work for something very important to me, organization.

After two visits to The Container Store to design my coat/entry and linen closets, today the elfa closets were installed this afternoon and totally worth half the vacation day.  I need/crave order and organization in my life and my closets were not working for me, so I took advantage of the Container Store's elfa sale.

Here is before (its a bit scary, even for me)

On Thursday, all the elfa components were delivered.  It was a very interesting elevator ride up with everything on a cart.  I spent the evening taking everything out of the closets, well everything out of the 'linen' closet just fell out when I opened the door.  My living room looked like a bomb exploded and I just moved in, again.

Who knew I had so much stuff packed away in closets
The install was actually pretty quick, but noisy.  The installers had to cut the wires which is like nails on a chalk board.  But they moved pretty quick and you'd be amazed how much space you really have when you utilize it.

Coat/Entry Way

Then it was time for my favorite part, getting organized.  Its like putting together a puzzle, figuring out where everything should go.  It only really took about an hour after the installers left for everything to find a new home.

And my finished OCD product.

The new & improved coat/entry closet

the now functional linen closet

*Please note, items may move upon further reflection of best location

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  1. From one OCD human being to another...BRAVO! That's such a good feeling! I saw that you nominated me for the liebster award and I feel honored but unqualified as I have no other blogger friends to nominate in return. I hope my lack of social life doesn't influence your chances of winning!