Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm the worst blogger EVER

So, It's been since February since I've last blogged.  I've feel like a blogger failure.
It's not like I haven't had the time to blog.  There are many nights I've been on the couch flipping through the channels that I could have updated, but instead opted not.  I figured I'd start my mass update of life for the last 3 months.

End of Feb:
Nash Bash - If you know me, you know I love music, Country music in particular.  My iPhone is 75% Country, 15% 80's and 10% Today's Pop/R&B.  Tanya got VIP tickets to Nash Bash and invited me to attend with her.  To say I was psyched was not even close!  There is finally a Country radio station in NYC and to launch the station they hosted 3 nights of major country headliners.  Tanya and I attended night 1, what we can remember of it, it was AMAZING!

Sinus Surgery - Because its been a few years since I've had an elective surgery I decided it was time for another.  This year I went for sinus surgery, something that I didn't know I needed until I went to see an ENT and discovered that my sinuses were so fucked up it could be one of the reasons for my migraines and why I've only ever breathed out of one notstil at a time.  I'll spare you all the gory details, but Mom came and was an amazing nurse as per usual.  Besides blowing some of the craziest goobers out of my nose, it was up there on the best elective surgeries list.

Home - In early April we celebrated my Dad's 65th Birthday.  The whole family came home to San Diego.  I don't know why I said whole family, there is only me & Ian.  Maybe because Ian has a family of his own so our family is a whole lot bigger now.

It was great being in San Diego hanging out at home, chillin with my parents, seeing how much Jackson and Makenzie have grown and I got to squeeze in some time with friends, too!
Blue Zoo reunited

Me & Michael - aka Jesse
I've never felt so popular as I did when I was home because Jackson and Makenzie were either constantly showing off for me or wanting to play with me.  I think my iPad nearly died on a daily basis playing 'The Game of Life' with Jackson.  He always wanted lots of kids and to be rich at the end of every game.
'Kenzie is more of a girl everyday, she loved getting pedicures with the girls and told me I had boobies, very observant.
Bought them new swimsuits

'The Game of Life'

Its a mini-me: checking out the Nordy catalog
But at the end of the trip, it's nice to come home to NYC.  Just like my Dad said when he picked me up from the airport, 'we loving having you, but we love it when you leave too.'

Ca-nan-na-da - A week in Canada, Toronto one would think, but no the office I worked out of was in Brampton, or as my VP calls it 'The Bramptons'.  Its known as the Flower City, but really its an industrial/big box store city with tons of fast food restaurants.  Not exactly my kind of City, but the lack of entertainment was great for getting work done.
The week of work was productive, nothing special.
What was interesting was the reactions to me.  I was told to "slow down", we don't walk that fast here in Canada.  My sarcasm went over 'OK' in some meetings, but not so well in others (noted for next time).
The view from my hotel roomMay:
Syracuse - It was some serious fam bam time in Syracuse for Ashley's senior weekend.  To catch everyone up, Ashley is/(was) a Senior at Syracuse and the catcher on the Softball team.  For her senior weekend the WHOLE family caravanned from Jersey to 'Cuse for the weekend to watch her play in her last collegiate games.  My parents even flew out from Cali for the big event, my Mom is Ashley's godmother.
So excited to go see Ash
Day 1 was a double header and Ash had two great games.

Then my Uncle Dave (he's a chef) made dinner in Ashley's apartment.  We squeezed 11 adults into a college apartment living room, it was real bonding moment but the copious amounts of wine and beer consumed helped.
Then off to the hotel I discovered that I would be rooming with my parents.  This took the bonding to another level.
I slept on the pull out - THEY OWE ME
 Day 2, we had matching shirts because we like to represent!
Back of shirt
My parents and I went on an adventure to downtown 'Cuse to pick up the bread and rolls for the BBQ after the game.  As my Uncle Dave was also catering the Senior BBQ for the team. We soon discovered Google Maps does not know how to reroute when there is a marathon happening.  An hour later and many stressful conversations and backseat driving between my Dad & me we made it to the field right before Senior introductions.
The Fam
'Cuse won the 2/3 games and went to the Big East Tournament (they lost in the first round, but Ashley made it back to walk in Graduation).

Mom & Dad came into the City after the 'Cuse weekend for a long weekend on Thursday before they left on Saturday before Mother's Day.  Dad got to see my apartment for the first time besides in pictures or via Facetime.  He approved. They finally got to eat at Carino's, a year later.  Friday Michelle and David came over for HH before we had my early birthday/Mother's day dinner.  Saturday Mom and I made Dad breakfast.  He wanted to out for Brunch, but I really wanted Pork Roll.  Guess who won?!  Dad hasn't had Pork Roll in over 20+ years, he now remembers how good the Jersey delicacy really is.  They left in the early afternoon back to Sunny San Diego.  Its always nice having them visit because they buy the good wine and there is always a chilled glass waiting for me when I get home from work.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have been wondering where you were! I will take your posts and use them for my own motivation as I too have been a bad blogger lately.