Saturday, February 9, 2013


NYC headed South to Greenville to celebrate Shelly's 30th Birthday and it was all a surprise!  The surprise for us (Jevne, Marissa and Tara) was that it happened to be the COLDEST weekend in the South.  We were promised that only a fleece was really necessary, but honestly we needed our winter coats all weekend.

Anyways, Back in December Rob had reached out to Jevne about rounding up some of Shelly's NYC friends for a surprise visit for her 30th Birthday.  Marissa, Jevne, Tara and I made the trek down to surprise Shelly for her big 3-0!

Lets Do This btw my head looks HUGE
We surprised Shelly on Friday night after she went to dinner with Becky, Shannon and her Mom.  She was clueless, which made the surprise even better.
Practicing our surprise, not so patiently waiting
Once Shelly had gotten over the fact that we were actually there, we starting hanging out and enjoying the night.

Saturday, we just lounged all day on the couch then went and got manicures and pedicures.  What else do a bunch of girls do?

After we got back from our manis & pedis Melissa, Jenny & Haley were hiding behind the kitchen island to surprise Shelly.  I was just as excited because I got to see my favorite Southern friends too.

A little catch up, then time to get ready for dinner.

Back from dinner and then time to watch the DVDs Melissa had given Shelly for her birthday.  Which were amazing, since they were the video tapes from Shelly's video camera from college.  Watching those videos caused mass bouts of laughter.

Sunday everyone slowly drifted down stairs and we watched Ted for Rob, then ordered amazing southern BBQ.  Then sadly enough it was time to leave.

food.... yum!
Of course, a pic of the cutie Anacpari

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