Saturday, July 13, 2013

New & Improved Bedroom

In June I kissed my old "antique" mismatched bedroom set goodbye for a brand new matching (key-word) set with a new fancy mattress to boot.
The mattress came first so I slept with the mattress on the floor for two weeks until the furniture was delivered. Even on the floor, I don't think I've slept so well in years.  Spending the extra $$ on the mattress (and splurging on the pillows at Bloomingdale's) was definitely worth it.  The extra storage I gained with the increased size of the dresser and drawers under the bed have been very beneficial for my shopping addiction.

Now the fun stuff, decorating! A little girly with a touch of contemporary.

A special thanks to the Huntley brothers for hanging my mirrors when they were here visiting.

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