Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 New Years Aspirations - Reality Check

Last Year I blogged about my 2011 New Year's Aspirations vs New Year's Resolutions and now that its officially 2012 I thought I would look back and see if I achieved any of them before I list my 2012 Aspirations.

2011 New Year's Aspirations:
1. Actually put money into my non-existent savings account.  (My Mother will scoff at this one because she knows this will be my hardest aspiration).  That means spending less money on whatever I spend money on, I don't know where it goes.  My American Express bill is always a surprise.

2011 Reality: Somewhat accomplished.  I've started spending more wisely and my American Express bill is less of a surprise every month (except for December, all those thoughtful Christmas Gifts and catch up dinner and drinks really add up).  My Savings account has increased, but not to a level I would want (or all those financial advisors would suggest, but I'm working on it).

2. Clean up my dirty mouth.  I have the innate ability to throw in a "dirty" word in almost every conversation and sometimes those words are not appropriate for the audience.  I need more than orbit gum to clean up this dirty mouth, I need a rubber-band around my wrist and sheer determination to keep my language cleaner.

2011 Reality: Yea, let's be honest.  It was a long shot.  I've cleaned up my mouth in business meetings, around my Granny (or I try to reduce the amount), and with company that I should know better, but if I'm not in a conference room or if I'm with friends I drop the f-bomb like it's hot. I did get props from my friends Mike & Jean Crooks "for displaying the best comedic timing with foul words. She's pretty much the Michael Jordan of f-bombs."

3. Limit the number of excuses.  I'm very good at coming up with multiple excuses to not do something.  I aspire to stop making so many excuses for any number of activities like: going to the gym, doing the dishes or laundry, participating in activities out of my comfort zone, etc. 

2011 Reality: I think I've improved at least 75%.  I'm still good at coming up with an excuse for not doing something when I know I should, but I've also come to realize I am who I am and there are times when I need to respect my own personal boundaries and it's OK to say no or not participate.  But I've done really well at making sure I go to pilates class when I sign up (dance is another situation), doing my laundry because its nice to have clean clothes and I'm still working on the activities portion.  That one is always a little harder for me. 

4. Dance, just dance.  I need to make a commitment to (1) sign-up for class and (2) show up to class.

2011 Reality:  I did it.  I took ballet all Summer and into the Fall.  Tap Winter into Spring.  I let myself lag and make excuses not to show up to classes.  I need to make a commitment to myself and not let other activities get in the way of something I've always loved.  We'll put this back on the list for 2012.

5. Cook Dinner a minimum 3 nights a week.  This aspiration can be looped into #1 and #3.  I like to cook but (#3) find an excuse not to and end up ordering from seamless web (#1).

2011 Reality:  Did it, Accomplished it & Kicked its Ass!  I made some awesome meals this year and continue to surprise myself with my amazing Top Chef skills.  The hard part is finding recipes to make each week.

I still have aspirations I need to work on, but I think I did pretty well in accomplishing my 2011 New Year's Aspirations.

Now on to 2012 ...

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