Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Year's Aspirations

Besides having the feeling that I'm not going to let life happen, but make life happen this year.  I've sat down and compiled my aspirations for 2012.  In no particular order below are some things in my life I'd like to aspire to change in 2012.

 2012 New Year's Aspirations

1. Dedication to Dance
Stop skipping ballet or tap class because it's easy.  Make the commitment to go to class, don't let easy excuses get in the way of not attending.  Dance is something that I love and I shouldn't let other activities get in my way of dance.

2. Reduce Miscellaneous Expenses
Stay on track with my Quicken budget. Limit number of cab rides, dinner and drinks out, unnecessary shopping sprees, and salon services.

3. Launch the ACAC Mentoring Program
Finish all prep work for pilot program by February with Fadeff & Wadler.  Set a hard timeline with Boys to for launch of pilot, adding alumni mentors, publicity and official launch. 

4. Follow Weight Watchers More Religiously
Track points every day for every bite especially on weekends.  Try to stay within daily and weekly point allotment.  Make lunches and dinners that work within the points system and stop late night snacking.  Work towards hitting 1st goal weight.

5. Visit San Diego More
Make the effort to go home more to hang out with the parents and friends.

6. Move
Either find a new apartment to rent (that is not above the boiler room or on the 1st floor) or find a place to purchase.  Be ready to look at all options for both renting and buying.  If buying, do lots of research on locations, buildings, mortgages, layouts, etc before making any decisions. 

7. Read
I love reading, but caught up in some bad books in 2011 and lost interest.  If there is nothing on tv, stop watching crap and flipping channels and pick up my ipad and read a book.  If its a nice day, go outside and read.  Goal: Finish a book each month.

8. Buy Groceries Before the Fridge is Completely Empty
This one should be simple.  When the fridge starts to look a little empty and all I have left is tortillas and laughing cow cheese, its time to buy groceries so I'm not starving till I have the time to order on Fresh Direct or make it to Fairway.

I now have 12 months to make these aspirations reality to the best of my abilities.

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