Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Years Resolutions vs. Aspirations

Its crazily enough almost the end of 2010 and time to think about 2011.  In 16 days everyone will come up with some outrageous New Years Resolutions for 2011.  I on the other hand am making "New Year's Aspirations" vs. Resolutions because lets be honest, no one ever follows through on their resolutions.  We all set these unattainable goals and resolutions for the New Year that we only half attempt in the first few months of the year then inevitability give up by Spring for a lack of effort, determination or sheer boredom.  So this year I've come up with a few things that I'd like to aspire to do in the New Year and (hopefully) years to come.

1. Actually put money into my non-existent savings account.  (My Mother will scoff at this one because she knows this will be my hardest aspiration).  That means spending less money on whatever I spend money on, I don't know where it goes.  My American Express bill is always a surprise.

2. Clean up my dirty mouth.  I have the innate ability to throw in a "dirty" word in almost every conversation and sometimes those words are not appropriate for the audience.  I need more than orbit gum to clean up this dirty mouth, I need a rubber-band around my wrist and sheer determination to keep my language cleaner.

3. Limit the number of excuses.  I'm very good at coming up with multiple excuses to not do something.  I aspire to stop making so many excuses for any number of activities like: going to the gym, doing the dishes or laundry, participating in activities out of my comfort zone, etc. 

4. Dance, just dance.  I need to make a commitment to (1) sign-up for class and (2) show up to class.

5. Cook Dinner a minimum 3 nights a week.  This aspiration can be looped into #1 and #3.  I like to cook but (#3) find an excuse not to and end up ordering from seamless web (#1).

To be clear I'm not resolving to do all these things, but aspiring to.  So you can't hold me accountable if they don't pan out 100%.

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  1. Wow you make me feel like a lamo!!! My New Years resolusion last year was to read more and I haven't even thought about it for the coming year. Hopefully you will inspire me...