Friday, October 15, 2010

Recovery Part 3

Friday, 10/15/10: Stitches Out
Today was the second to last step in the medical journey of appointments, I got my stitches out!  I had to call my sister-in-law last night so I could get an overview of the procedure since I've never had stitches actually removed (usually they just dissolve since all previous surgeries have been of the oral nature) so I needed a heads up of what I was to expect.  Or else I would probably hyperventilate on my way to the appointment with the fear of the unknown. 
It was actually quite easy, just a little pinching and snipping not too shabby.  My Doctor looked at the ladies & said they're healing perfectly (woot woot).  I can go back to my so-called "normal" life and slowly start lifting weights (but not too much) again. 

But first lets try with staying up past 9pm then we'll head back to the gym.  Though I really want the swelling to officially go down I was told I have to be patient because its going to take a few more months and about a year for the ladies to find their right place.  I'm not a patient person, so I guess this is good life lesson.

At the next appointment (in one month) all that needs to happen is a quick look at the healing progress.  I should expect my Doctor to say they are healing perfectly and they are looking good.  Cause they do look good, if I do say so myself.

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