Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Down 10

Exciting news kids, I lost 10 pounds! (well its actually 9.9, but I'll round up)

So you're wondering how did I do this, let me explain.

Because of my operation I'm restricted from the gym till mid-November and banned from lifting anything heavy till I don't know when.  So I thought why not start Weight Watchers since my lifestyle was heading to more sedentary one and gaining weight wasn't on the recovery agenda.  My boobs use to always stick out farther than my stomach & now that they are significantly smaller I need to make sure the ratio is still intact. 

On August 31st, I weighed in (and it was a little scary), set a goal of less 5% and started tracking.  And like magic Today, October 12 I met my first goal.  Though I think the week after surgery's loss of 2.5 lbs could have been due to the ladies or the fact that the very little I ate was regurgitated the first two days (but we won't tell WW).  But I'm not done yet!  I've got a new goal, another less 5%.  So wish me luck for another down 10!

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