Sunday, October 10, 2010

2 Weeks with Mom

A reflection of spending the last two weeks with my Mom:
She is amazing!  She cleaned my bathroom twice (it was not up to her standards), no more mildew!  She also cleaned my kitchen thoroughly, dusted my bookshelf, vacuumed and did my laundry (multiple times).  If you know me, you know I’m a very clean and organized person but my Mom takes it to another level.  But she was the best caretaker I could have asked for; when I needed a water refill she was there with a filled cup, when I was hungry for a snack there one was, when I was feeling down she was there to pick me up and always on time with my medications.  I am ever thankful for her taking two weeks of her life to take care of me.  Running errands around town for me making sure I have everything I need, whether its taking an adventure to Costco to buy me a mattress top so my back wont hurt at night or finding a medical supply store to get more non-adhesive, hypoallergenic bandages.  She made amazing dinners every night, even my favorite Chicken with a Mascarpone-Marsala sauce.  The most amazing thing is that we didn’t kill each other.  Now I’m kinda sad that she won’t be waking me up tomorrow morning, making me breakfast and sending me off to work and really sad that she won’t be at my apartment when I get home.  As much pain as I was in these past two weeks it was a real pleasure to spend some quality time with just my Mom.  Love her!

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