Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thursday, 9/23/10: Boobie Mold

 The idea to mold the ladies was conceived in the car with Becky, Shelly & Rob (Rob drove, he did not participate in the conception conversation) when we were all in Philly for the engagement party.  After waiting not so patiently for the mold kit to arrive (it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday and didn’t show up till Thursday—not so happy with Amazon’s current shipping situation) Shelly came over after work to help me commemorate the last night of my ginormous tatas.  I greased up while Shelly turned my living room into an art studio.  Moved my rug back, put a drop cloth down that covered my entire living room & began cutting up strips of plaster of paris.  My Mom only laughed and provided color commentary and the hot water.  Then the adventure of molding began, I wont go into graphic detail but lets say it was a memorable evening sitting in my living room.  It was great way to spend the night before my surgery having a few laughs and realizing my boobs were really THAT big.

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