Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day: Last weekend of summer

My best friend Megan came for the long weekend and it turned out to be by far one of the best weekends I’ve had in the city in a long time.  The weather was amazing and only made our adventures that much more fabulous. 

Thursday Megan arrived and I was so proud of her, she took the subway from JFK to my place.  For someone who’s only been to the city twice, I was amazed (mainly because I often have issues taking the subway to JFK—but my travel woes are a different story)!  We met Sara at Brother Jimmy’s for dinner and a few drinks (OK it was a lot of drinks & some random shots too) before heading home for a crumbs cupcake to satisfy a drunken craving. 

I was so jealous of Megan sleeping on Friday morning when I had to get up for work, I wasn’t feeling 100% and just looking at her sleeping pissed me off.  It was my last 1:00pm summer Friday and I couldn’t have been more grateful and in mourning at the same time.  Megan met at work then we ventured into Times Square for an old tradition, the OG (Olive Garden) for lunch (its one of those Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell kind of situations).  We needed to reminisce and catch up over unlimited salad & breadsticks.  After lunch we walked up to Central Park and meandered around for a bit but not before stopping at the M&M store for a little dessert.  We made a stop at the Bethesda Fountain and found some cute little turtles swimming near the Boat House.  Did you know turtles love peanut butter M&Ms?  They’ll practically jump out of the water for that sweet little morsel of pb & chocolate.  After walking from Times Square through Central Par back to my apartment we had big plans for Friday night; dinner out and then my couch.  Then of course we had to watch a sappy tearjerker of a movie (Damn it Megan!).
Turtles love Peanut Butter M&Ms

We had an early Friday night only because we had to prepare ourselves for the adventure to Fire Island on Saturday Morning.  Since we wanted a full day at the beach we had to get up early for the exodus out of the city.  I don’t think Megan was prepared for all the modes of transportation it takes to get some sand between one’s toes.  Cab > LIRR (with a transfer in Jamaica) > Shuttle > Ferry, then reverse for home (that’s why most people go for the weekend not just the day).  The weather on FI was amazing but we hit a sand storm at 11:45am that lasted for about two hours.  Now I think I know what it must be like to be in Iraq (minus the intense heat, gunfire, and lack of beach), there was sand all over my stuff!  Megan had a very creative way of protecting herself from the pelting sand.  Once the wind had died down the day was amazing until high tide.  3:45pm high tide and that was it.  We were both asleep on our towels till we woke up to water rushing right over us.  Wet and disoriented I’m running down the beach trying to catch my sunglasses & shoes before they’re lost forever in the surf.  By the time we put ourselves back together we’re at the top of the dune with two towels that are soaking wet, covered in sand and probably weigh about 30 pounds.  Decide we should probably leave the beach since we can’t recover from high tide and we were starving.  Pack up all our stuff and Megan sacrifices her beach bag for the towels and head for the town square.  Half way up the beach I can feel the towels dripping down my butt & leg, we stop at a bathroom and weigh our options.  (1) Take towels home & do what with them? Or (2) ditch towels and buy new ones next year.  We chose option two and casually walked away.  We had lunch and then took the long ride home.  Exhausted from the sun (and a little burnt) we opt for delivery and Legally Blonde 2.  

Do you see all that sand?

Megan's very creative way of keeping the sand away

Sunday was Open day.  Megan & I woke up early again for day tickets to the US Open.  We made the trek to Queens for a day of tennis.  We got to watch V. Williams vs. Peer and Nadal vs. Simon.  By the Nadal/Simon match we were baking in the sun reapplying sunscreen like it was our business (OK I was reapplying like it was my business, Megan just reapplied).  We spent half the time watching the matches and the other half making remarks about people’s food and what looked good to eat.  Another easy night at home on the couch watching 48 Hours (or something).

Monday Funday!!  Finally slept in and then made our way to the West side for some day drinking at The Frying Pan.  Enjoyed some margaritas, delicious food, amazing weather and good company.  Megan & I gossiped about everything, caught up on life and determined that Megan thinks she could live in the city, but only during certain months.  Don’t remember much else because after a few hours and pictures of margaritas we made it back to the East side for Blockheads for dinner and then ceremoniously passed out at 8pm.

Always Thirsty

Don't worry, we shared

Then Tuesday morning was a little rough & just sad because Megan left back for the Left coast (tear*) and I had a minor hangover.  So that was Labor Day weekend.

(there Megan, the weekend blog is finally posted)
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