Monday, September 13, 2010

36 Years

My Dad is being animated for my nephew; see the tiny hand in the corner

So my parents came into the city on Saturday so I could drive them to Bayonne, NJ to catch a cruise to Canada for two weeks on Sunday morning.  But the point of this is post is that my parents have an amazing relationship.  While sitting on the couch flipping between college football & the news my Mom effortlessly curled up into my Dad and I thought I want that someday.  Someone who you can cuddle up with, who knows exactly where your body fits into theirs.  They’ve been married since 1974, that’s 36 years of effortlessly fitting together (I’m not sure all 36 years have been effortless, but so far its worked). My Dad still teases my Mom, she gets frustrated and we all laugh (at her).  But I can only hope that I find something that lasts as long and is as special as theirs.

I just think that giant knife makes it interesting

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