Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recovery: Part 1

Saturday, 9/25/10: Mom’s Birthday
I know that taking care of me was exactly what my Mom wanted to do for her birthday.  Saturday was a little rough, didn’t take to the vicodin so well (that whole taking painkillers on a full stomach is a MUST) and getting use to the drains took some time.  But I survived thanks to some Gatorade & Pedialyte.  I also received a nice surprise on Saturday, a delivery of flowers from Michael (and Brian). 

Sunday, 9/26/10: Dad arrives
Sunday my Mom was going to rent a car & drive to Bayonne to pick my Dad up from their cruise but because I wasn’t event 50% of Saturday we had a car pick him up and bring him back to my apartment.  Nothing really special happened on Sunday except Dad made my first real meal; pork chops, wild rice, broccoli & cauliflower.

Monday & Tuesday, 9/27-28/10: It’s a cozy apartment
It’s been very cozy in my tiny apartment.  My Dad likes it cold, my Mom likes it warm and I like it just right.  But even though it’s my apartment – it’s freezing!  Dad is SO paying my Con-Ed bill this month.  Sleeping has been difficult since I’m not all drugged up, my back hurts and I can’t stay asleep.  I’m ready for when I don’t have to have my chest elevated (Might take an ambien tonight to ensure I at least get 8 hours).  Other important notes of progress: I can sit up & walk by myself now.  It use to be a dual effort to get up & move around but now I’m doing it all by myself.  I might be slow but at least I’m moving.  I was officially off the vicodin as of Monday; just have some soreness in my chest (obvious).

Tomorrow I take my big adventure to the Doctor’s office to get my bandages & tubes removed.  The tape itches and I’m hating the tubes, so tomorrow can come any sooner.  Plus I want to see what they really look like!

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  1. Can't wait to see your little tatas. =) Glad you are feeling better!!!!! xoxo