Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Reflection

So far I have not properly celebrated any holidays in this New Year.
January: 2010 started off with a BANG! falling asleep on my couch around 11pm totally missing the New Year. I had the opportunity to go to my Aunt & Uncle’s for a small celebration but opted out since at Thanksgiving I got so drunk I somehow broke their toilet seat and I wasn’t quite over that embarrassment yet.
February: I never really celebrated Valentine's Day (so don’t know if that counts).
March: St. Patrick’s Day was spent deciding between going out and staying home, I opted to stay home. But I did go “bar hoping” that only involved making it to two bars the weekend before in the pouring rain.

April: Now comes Easter, I’ve spent the day doing homework, making lunches/dinners for the week, hitting the gym (for Jesus), and watching a ton of movies. This was my first Easter that I wasn’t with some family member and it sucked.
Easter use to be one of my favorite holidays as a child; maybe it was because the night before I got new pjs, there was always a new dress involved, it was the only other holiday besides Christmas that Dad would come to church (he’s not Catholic) and the best part was chocolate in the morning and Grandma’s ambrosia salad at Easter supper that should would make just for me.
When I got to college Spring Break would always end on Easter Sunday so family dinners were never a possibility, so my Brother would pick me up from the airport and we’d go to Outback for dinner.
Now In New York I’ve been very lucky to spend the holiday with my family but this year was the first that it was just not feasible. So currently my immediate family is having my Father’s family over for Easter supper, which is always an event in mass amounts of alcohol consumption (for my immediate family only, the other members aren’t big drinkers). And thus far one of my cousin’s arrived 3 hours early, needless to say no one was prepared. They’ve had a 6.9 earthquake and after shock with I sure some fun events in between. But luckily Mom and Dad’s best friends are in attendance along with my brother’s college roommate to help add some normality. Usually when I’m with my Mom’s family in Jersey I don’t miss those crazy family dinners and when I’m there I wish I was somewhere else, but being all alone today I wish I was at home helping my Mom with dishes, rolling my eyes with my sister-in-law after someone says/does something totally retarded, and consuming copious amounts of wine while eating my Dad’s amazing ham, green beans and Paula’s potato au gratin.

May: The next holiday is Memorial Day and I know I’ll be celebrating and in style with people. People like my best friends in a place called Vegas. And this year I will not miss my flight and have a breakdown in the airport. I will finally enjoy a holiday in 2010 there is no doubt!

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