Thursday, April 22, 2010

My reflection on jury duty

I really wanted to have an in-depth review of my time on jury duty but as I sit here trying to write a reflection I can’t actually express how I feel in written words. So I’m just going to reflect on the one part of the whole process that really made an affect on me, the very end.

Once we had made our final decisions on the fate of the Defendant the judge came into to the jury room to address us. She said that she found this a difficult case for us to judge the law on and she wasn’t surprised by our final decision. We learned the background of the case, the history of the Defendant and the circumstances under which she was originally arrested and charged. She was so open and willing to listen and answer all the questions we had expressed to ourselves in the jury room and in the back of our minds. Now I feel like I made the right decision.
The judge informed us of her mandatory sentence for being convicted guilty and that she is allowing her to be on bail till she must return to court to be sentenced, but IF she gets caught even with the most minor of crimes, like jay-walking she will be sentenced to the maximum penalty under the law. And I kinda hope she totally fucks up and gets put away, just because of what I know now.

I wish I had the ability to express more in writing about how I feel and think, but I’m consistently finding it difficult, so if you are interested in my thoughts/opinions on it give me call, I’m sure my reflection will be more colorful too.

On the really bright side, I can’t get called for jury duty service for another 6 years, so take that suckaas!!

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