Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I learned yesterday

In the afternoon: People are stupid, like really stupid. While waiting through two rounds of jury selection (I was on the third and was chosen) I discovered that the average NYC citizen does not have a college degree and/or does not know how to answer simple questions. For yes or no answers you get a brief story and for a question that needs a more descriptive answer you find out someone is going on a safari in two weeks and he was almost kidnapped when he was 5. Who the fuck cares? I sure didn’t sitting in a courtroom all day long hearing over 50 people tell the judge their life stories.

In the evening:
At the gym men with tiny bird legs tend to overcompensate with their upper bodies. They overly bulk up on their shoulders, chest and arms and then I wonder if their legs can even hold up all that extra weight on top. Do they seriously think looking like a lolli-pop is attractive? Its not as if they are nicely ripped, no they are ‘roided out and its disgusting. Does this guy think he’s at the Jersey shore on the UES. Another fun thing I learned at the gym last night is that guidettes work out. This tiny little guidette with long acrylic nails, tiny purse and flip phone decided to elliptical next to me. She had it on level 2 and would elliptical really hard then get a text and slow down to text then speed up again. This cycle went on for 30 minutes and I don’t think she even broke a sweat. I was very impressed with her multi-tasking skills and the fact she was actually in a gym.

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