Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho this Nasty Rain Has Got to Go!

This rain will not stop and now it’s getting personal. It seems like Mother Nature [MN] is destroying our lives on purpose trying to make everyone wet and depressed. Does MN have a personal vendetta against the North East or me in particular, wanting to pound us with rain on a daily basis? Its Spring give me some glimpse of sunshine please! I always thought April showers brought May flowers, not March showers bring depression and random women turned orange in 50-degree weather.

I switched out my closets on the first day of Spring expecting to actually wear the clothes now hanging in my closet without freezing or getting soaked. I’ve also decided to be rebellious and not wear tights anymore because, well fuck its Spring but some days the wind is whipping and rain is pelting and then I regret being such a rebel.

So the weather is supposed to change at the end of this week to be in the 70s for Easter weekend, but some how I doubt it will last. MN likes to tease us with little glimpses of the real Spring/Summer weather should be then takes them away like a vindictive bitch that wants to control everyone’s happiness. What a Bitch!

Sometimes I really debate moving back to San Diego; especially on the days when my friends & family call to tell me they’re at the beach while I’m stuck inside on a miserable day. I want to be at the beach getting a “tan” and enjoying the sunshine not watching some lame Lifetime movie because I refuse to go outside on a nasty day. Grr

I really hope this Easter weekend breaks through the storms for good and we finally get to see some sunshine, warmer weather and happiness for all, because lets be honest no one is nice when it rains.

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  1. Get yourself a good raincoat like me and don't let it hold you back! You're not a witch (most of the time) so you won't melt and there's still lots to do even when it's raining...

    Last weekend's trip to IKEA wasn't so bad! even though it was cold and raining.

    So tell MN to F^%* herself and don't let her hold you down!