Sunday, June 10, 2012

Official Late 20's

So I've officially entered my late 20's and I'd like to think I did it in the perfect 80's child fashion.
Everyone when preppy while I attempted the 80's rocker look
It was a blast and some of the best people watching I've had in years.  The music was totally tubular, I danced my socks off and sang off-key to almost every song.  By far one of my favorite birthdays in a long time.  I have to give major props to Michelle and Mike for participating in this crazy adventure, especially since we almost got in line for the all male review at the club next door.

Let's take a minute to just recap Culture Club.  The concert goers ranged from the Dad in American Pie, single ladies and couples in their 40's who are "dressed up" to young gays in bright neon's and tight cut-off jeans.  There was also Mike's new BFF and his entourage of Quiet Riot wannabes.
At the general admission area of the club you have club goers who dressed up in total 80's fashion like Boy George or Madonna from Suddenly Seeking Susan and then the just girls who just dressed like sluts.  It was a smorgasbord of people of all ages dancing all packed into a 2 floor 80's black lit dance club.  It's amazing!
(PS - I really want to go back, all dressed up in 80s gear and dance my ass off again all night long, wearing flats)

Who doesn't love a photobooth?
Mike made a new friend
I also have to give a big thank you to Michelle for giving me a great overall birthday weekend, as she pushed me to have a birthday party in the first place.  We also celebrated on my official birthday on Sunday with a Park day.  Michelle and David brought some summer salads, I brought beer and we watched softball games and gossiped in the Sun.  It was quite a perfect way to usher myself into the 2nd to last year of my 20's.

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