Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Not So Pale Ginger Rant

This is my rant about people referring to me as "the palest person I know".

Yes, during the Fall/Winter months I can be classified as "pale" because I was cursed (depending on who you ask) with my Father's skin.  But in the Spring/Summer month's I can tan (thanks to some inheritance of my Mother's skin).  My tan might not be as dark as Snookie (gross) or my Dimon cousins (slightly envious), but for a Ginger, dammit I'm tan! And everyone better recognize'.  I am one of the tannest (natural) redheads that I know of.  I'm even tanner than some blonde's or brunette's out there.  Now those blonde's and brunettes that I see who are pasty white might not enjoy the Sun like I do, but regardless I'm tanner than they are.  And I would even go as far to say that maybe even in the winter months I could be less pale/white.  It's taken years to slowly build up the melatonin in my skin to allow me to bake in the beautiful Sun with spf 30 for hours at a time.  And yes, I know how to handle a sunburn unlike some of you pansies but that's just a benefit of years of hard work.

So please, think about it long and hard before the word 'pale' comes out of your mouth when referring to me in the Summer months.

And a special thanks to Becky for recognizing my tan this Summer.  She said I was the tannest she's ever seen me and I look like I have my Mother's skin from my stomach down (tears in my eyes) and my Dad's skin from my chest up (a girl can't have it all).  It was one of the best compliments I've ever heard.  I've worked so hard this Spring and Summer on my tan and it really made those hot days in the Sun worth it.  Thanks Bex!

Now everyone else better recognize this tan ginger!!

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