Sunday, June 24, 2012

Becky got Married!

Becky & Max got married in Savannah and it was an amazing weekend of love, fun and my favorite Southern family!

I flew down Thursday so I could stay at the Creek House with Becky before heading to Savannah and I knew I would be put to work. First by Jon Stier to help him put up the new cover for his boat (but that was a disaster since we didn't have all the right parts and the directions were not clear).  I was also attacked by bugs while helping him put everything together in the grass, I should have covered myself in DEET before we started vs after the first couple bites but it was a lost cause. It looked like I was attacked by paint balls all over the back of my legs, the welts were so big.  Thank God my dresses would cover a majority of the bites/welts).  My second job was helping Becky put together the guests bags for the hotel, it turned into a little assembly line of goodies.

Friday we headed into Savannah and enjoyed the day at the pool.  Becky and I had Noah (her 11 yr-old nephew) with us, so as Becky ran around the hotel doing a few things Noah and I had swim races in the pool.  We raced the breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly & freestyle.  I haven't swam that much since I don't know when.  My arms were exhausted and my breathing was a little labored after all the laps.  I might be ready for the Olympic trials, watch out Michal Phelps.  After swimming it was time for rehearsal dinner on the River Boat.

The Rehearsal Dinner was so much fun, the cruise down the river was beautiful and the dance party was out of control.  And we had a visitor Jeremiah who joined us from the party on the 1st deck and he liked to bust a move in the circle more than any of us.

Shannon getting DOWN with Jeremiah
Saturday morning I toured the town with Pat, Melissa, Shelly & Rob.  I must come back to Savannah, Its GORGEOUS!!  After our walk about town it was pool time, we joined a majority of the wedding guests at the pool for an awesome pool party till it was time to get ready for the reason we were all there....

The nuptials itself took place in the courtyard of The Mulberry Inn and it was just perfect.
First Dance

Noah was an animal on the dance floor

I feel so lucky that I got to be a part of Becky's special day and be an honorary member of the Stier clan.

The worst part of the whole weekend was waking up at 4:30 on Sunday morning for a 6am flight home back to NYC. But Shelly made me feel better texting me that as I landed (12pm) everyone was packing up and going home and I wasn't missing much anyway, just a few hours of sleep.

Jon Stier told me that just because I moved in with the Girls (Becky & Shelly) six years ago in New York didn't mean that I got to continually show up at every party and family function he hosts.  Well, his weddings are now over, so now Jon's has to find new reasons to throw parties and I have to find more reasons to head South (baby Kenney,  vaca weekends with my favorite Southerners, etc)

More photos are on facebook

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