Sunday, June 10, 2012

Low Country Bachlorette Party

We all know that I did something in a previous life to seriously piss off the travel Gods when I'm trying to go somewhere for pleasure, this time was no different. 

I was on my way to Becky's Low Country Bachlorette Party in Beaufort, SC for Memorial Day weekend and this is how it all started.
From my facebook post on Thursday night at 10pm "Oh the places I won't be going tonight... Missed NJ Transit train by 1 min, waited 20 for the next. Still got to airport hour before scheduled boarding time (Holiday weekend nonsense). Flight delayed 1, 2, 3rd times the charm that I'll officially miss my connection. Wait an hour in customer service to now leave tomorrow morning & arrive at a different destination. So, after spending my evening at EWR I'm heading home to try it all again in the am. Praying the weather & travel Gods will be on my side tomorrow."

Friday I get to the airport early because I'm so anxious to finally get to South Carolina to start the celebrations.  Shelly was amazing enough to drive all the way to Charlotte, NC to pick me up from the airport. Even though she drove 2 hours out of her way to come get me, it was really nice to spend some quality time catching up with her on our drive back to Columbia to meet up with the rest of the ladies before we head down to the Creek.

The ever amazing pregnant Shelly drove the Stier van 2 hours to Creek house with a few potty breaks and "light" traffic. 

We finally arrived in Beaufort at sunset, had the kind neighbors make us a fire and enjoyed the 80s mix on my ipod and talked/sang the night away.  I also bathed in Skin So Soft but still got attacked by those pesky mosquitoes.

Her skin was soo soft
We spent Saturday on the Dock then took an adventure on the boat with Jon Stier to his Sister's house. 

After our boat ride and visiting time it was the ever impossible task of 8 girls to shower and get ready for dinner.  Needless to say Shannon changed the reservations 3 times for a restaurant that never really needs reservations.  Once we finally made it to down town Beaufort we learned that there was a festival that we should NOT attend, so we were happy to stay put in our restaurant.  I unfortunately got a migraine and went home with Shelly to sleep it off and the girls partied like it was 1999 with the band at the restaurant/bar.  The stories and pictures on Sunday morning were hilarious.

Dinner Time
Tropical storm Beryl made Sunday an inside day.  We had a few bits of outside sun time, but majority of the time was spent in doors lounging, eating dip after dip after dip.

My mumu was a huge hit, I hope it makes it to the wedding night

 Overall I really enjoyed the Low Country Bachlorette party as I always love spending time with my favorite Southern family and friends.

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