Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mom's Special Weekend

The reasons the Travel Gods hate me is that I went home for a special long weekend to celebrate my Mother. For her "special" weekend all she wanted was all her children home together (there is only two of us, but with Ian's family and me living in NYC we make if very difficult).

Friday we took our new family pictures (images to come).  I'm not sure where Mom & Dad is going to hang this new picture since the wall going up the staircase is full of our family pictures from my childhood and our last family picture is next to the front door.  There isn't much wall space left.  After family pictures we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant Tony Jacal's for a delicious dinner.  Even better for Jackson since he got to actually meet "Tony"; who really isn't Tony but the husband of the woman who owns the restaurant but Jackson thinks he's Tony.  Tony has been dead for over 40 years but Jackson doesn't need to know that.  Jackson talked off "Tony's" ear what we think was about how much he loves eating at Tony's.  Jackson thought meeting Tony was jut so cool, it totally made his night.

Ian & Makenzie

Saturday was a fabulous day!  I got to spend the afternoon having some Mommy, Daddy & me time, which was exactly what I needed.  It was so nice to have some special time to catch up with my parents on what's going on in my life and just talk.
We went to lunch at 3rd Corner in the Encinitas Lumber Yard (yum!) and then walked around downtown Encinitas, which my parents haven't done since they lived there over 30 years ago.  Then we took the coast and headed down to Cedros Ave in Solana Beach and continued are walk around little shops.  The coolest little adventure was finding an Olive Oil tasting store from a Olive Plantation (is that what they are called?) and we tasted some pretty interesting Oils.

I let Kenzie climb the stairs; I'm such a good Auntie
Saturday Night was Mom's "special celebration" at the Furgerson's.  Scott & Paula made an amazing dinner and for Mom I think it was the perfect way to celebrate her "39th" birthday.  The dinner was filled with laughs and great conversation which equals lots of wine bottles and good times.
Grandpa & Kenzie
Me & Meghan
Me & My Mommy

Sunday morning I helped my Dad make pigs in a blanket and eggs for breakfast.  And we all chilled around for a while in our PJs.   Then Mom & I went to Kohls so I could get some new Charger's gear and my In-n-Out (yay!) for lunch. 
But by far the best part of Sunday was the sunset hot air balloon ride.  It was the most amazing experience.  We soared up to 5000 ft above sea-level, above the clouds and the noise.  Watching the sunset was breathtaking and coming through the clouds on the descent was totally awesome.  Now the landing was another thing.  Apparently it was our pilot's toughest landing of the year, we clipped a tree and almost slid off an embankment.  I was laughing the entire time while I think everyone else was almost shitting themselves.  The landing felt like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland; the bumps, jolts, sudden stop.  Overall so amazing.
About to take off
Mom & Dad
Church of the Nativity (the one on the left)

Ian & Teresa

Descent into the clouds....

Then it was off to dinner and then home to pack because I had to leave bright and early Monday morning.

Monday. It was rough to wake up so early and finish packing.  Hardest was saying goodbye to my Mom and actually walking into the airport.  I wasn't ready to leave SD, I could have stayed one more day.

Special Family Weekend

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  1. Aww what a great family weekend! I am so jealous that you went on a hotair balloon ride. I was obsessed as a child. I have always wanted to do that!