Sunday, October 9, 2011

LT Fash Mob

We Lighted the Night and we did it in style!

Thanks to all those who donated to my fundraising efforts! 
The Walk was on a perfect Fall NYC night and it was a ton of fun to boot.

Part of Team Lord & Taylor at the Finish Line
The only off putting part of the walk was getting there and having to walk though the Occupy Wall Street Protesters march.  They were just obnoxious, annoying and asked if we wanted to join their protest.  Um.. No!  And besides that they decided to march through downtown on the same day/night as the LLS Light the Night walk where our walking paths would somewhat converge.  How selfish & gross.  I don't think they wanted to come into the starting area and see all the greedy corporations donationing thousands of dollars to a lifesaving cause.  (Sorry tangent, can you tell I think that Occupy Wall Street is stupid and they should just go away and occupy some place else?)

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