Sunday, October 9, 2011


If you've been to my apartment you've walked by a framed piece of aluminium with a picture of a B-52 Bomber from WW2. 
(sorry not the best picture)
That piece of aluminium is a piece of my Great Uncle Blake's plane that was shot down by the German's in France during WW2.
The Chow-hound crew
Below are pictures from after the crash of the Chow-hound:

The wing of the plane

When my Parents and Uncle Mark went to France in 2009 they brought back pieces of the plane for our family to cherish and keep forever this piece of history.

On Sunday, September 25th the wing of the Chow-hound was returned to the United States from France.  It landed at McGuire AFB in New Jersey and my Granny, Uncle Blake, Uncle Mark, Uncle Dave & Jen were there to welcome the Men & Women who went to France to retrieve the wing of the plane.

The wing 67 years later

Granny w AF Dudes

My Mother and Uncle Mark worked diligently with a group of Norman's to bring the wing back to the US.  I think its just amazing that my family has such a special part in American and French/Norman history.  The next steps is for the wing to be displayed in the hanger where the men and women who protect our freedom leave for deployment out of McGuire AFB.  I think that's pretty amazing and totally awesome.

Below are the French articles (translated into English) about the trip the Air Force squad made and history on the plane.
1) Le Publicateur Libre: 40 Americains sur le lieu du crash
2) Ouest: L'aile du B17 américain retourne aux États-Unis
3) Ouest: L'aile du bombardier tombe en 1944 est rentree aux Etats-Unis - Lonlay-l'Abbaye

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