Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

I have to say Christmas 2010 was pretty successful...

On Christmas Eve Eve Brian hosted a fabulous little holiday cocktail party at his apartment. Check out additional pics from the very successful Soiree on the facebook album here.
Brian, Me & Ant


 Christmas Eve I headed out to NJ for the remainder of the Holiday weekend.  This was my first Christmas sans my parents and second "white" Christmas in New Jersey.  At first I was a little sad that I wasn't going to be spending the Holiday with my parents, but I was spending it with family and that's what really counts.   Its about time to start making new traditions for myself.  I had a great time and no regrets not going back to California for the Holiday, also think I wouldn't have made it back to NYC if I did thanks to the crazy Blizzard on Sunday.

Christmas Eve was wrapping all the gifts that both my Mother & I shipped to my Uncles, 4pm Mass then Jersey Aunt Mary's for the evening.  And in the theme of making new traditions I again made the Danenhower Deviled Eggs for the festivities. Check out my serious egg cracking skills...  Oh, best part of Eve, Mary accidentally hit her sister, Theresa in the eye with some fuzzy slippers and Theresa got a black eye, see below.
Look at those perfectly cracked hard-boiled eggs... I got skills
Mary, Theresa & Theresa's Black Eye

Christmas Eve night after returning home from Mary's I participated in my family's tradition of receiving new PJ's for Christmas, Love.

Christmas morning we had an amazing breakfast cooked by my Aunt Dawn then we opened gifts.  I got a new macbook!!  That was a serious surprise,  Thanks Mom & Dad!

"Oh.. My.. GOD... I got a new computer!!!"

Christmas afternoon the Dimon family along with my Aunt's Sisters (Jersey Aunts) & Mother came over for presents, merriment and food.
Grans chilling at the bar with Chels & Ash

The Cousins w Gran in our Xmas PJ's... Top: Ashley & Me; Bottom: Chelsea, Granny & Jonathan

And Sunday I finally saw some snow, Blizzard was a little more than I was requesting for.  I was looking for some light snow, maybe 4 inches max, not 20.

Sunday at 2pm before it got really CRAZY Blizzardy

For more pictures from the Christmas weekend in Jersey you can check out my facebook album here.

Best Part of the whole weekend, Monday I got a SNOW DAY!!!  Impromptu 4-day weekend!

And now.... Happy New Year!!

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