Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today's Twittascope

Today’s Twittascope: You may feel as if someone is rubbing you the wrong way today. You can choose to remain irritated or you can use the discomfort as a learning experience. You don't have to stay quiet and let another person continue to annoy you. Stand up for yourself and clearly state your limits. Your relationships will have the potential to develop and grow if you are honest and keep your anger to a minimum.

This is totally something you want to see at 5:30am when you wake up exhausted from a very long frustrating day. You wish it would give you that total motivation to take the world by its balls and tell it, “well f**k you, stop annoying me!” and now I’m going to the gym to work it out. But the suckey thing is that it really set the day to be a real low; I’ve prepared myself for a suckey day, which honestly sucks.

I think this horoscope would have been more appropriate yesterday when it seemed like everything and everyone was ‘rubbing’ me the wrong way. It was one of those wake up on the wrong side of the bed/bad hair/didn’t want to, but wore tights kind of day. Nothing seem to go right from the moment I woke up till I went to bed, its not like it was a total waste of a day and there were some bright spots, but overall I really would have preferred just spending the day in bed eating mac & cheese and watching Eclipse: The Twilight Saga on Netflix. So maybe today’s horoscope could have been a recap of yesterday versus a preview of today.

So here’s to hoping today surprises me and the rest of the week isn’t so freaking stressful or aggravating.

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