Monday, March 29, 2010

A week in review

Last week seemed like one of the longest weeks of my life, the torture would never end. Every day I had something to do after work and made it home no earlier than 9:30pm and usually around 10:30pm, which many of you know, is WAY past my bedtime. Going to the gym was an unachievable task since I could barely roll out of bed to get ready for work. Monday was OB class-got a 92% on my midterm; Tuesday was an adventure to Costco w/ Jackie; Wednesday was a very special day of celebrating MC’s retirement; and Thursdays I had drinks w/ my Cousin Michael who was in town for a conference. Friday night was the first day of the week I had nothing planned and I relished in it. I left my anxiety at the door (my apartment was totally disheveled) and ordered some take out, had a few glasses of wine while I caught up on all the TV shows I missed during the week and then finally watched New Moon (totally thought it was Eclipse, but Meggy informed me I was wrong) and all-in-all Friday was amazing. I really enjoyed the week, but it was just too much for me. I’ve learned that I don’t do so well when I’m overwhelmed or over booked, plus I was upset that I missed tap class on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday was freezing (Um, I thought this was Spring?) and spent the day running errands and cleaning up my apartment. Took some time from putting my life back together and ordered the Blind Side onDemand and now I think I must own it. Sandra was great but I really wanted to put the character SJ in my pocket so I could take him everywhere. He was just too precious. Saturday night was so much fun, we to dinner and drinks with Sara and Anthony and had a great night until I did my drunk ditch around 12:30am. According to Lisa I was really drunk much earlier in the night that I realized, Opps. Couldn’t find a cab home so I had to take the subway, I wasn’t so drunk after that sobering ride. Sunday was kinda rough in the am, but I powered through and made my lunches for the week then Brian dragged me out to Ikea for the afternoon. Our trip had a small detour to a bar for beer & lunch while we “waited” for the water taxi. I wore my new sneakers all afternoon and by the end of the day my legs were killing me and my ass better be an inch higher because those shoes are intense. Best part of Sunday was Shelly coming over, hanging out for a while then stealing some books & shirts from me. Overall the weekend totally made up for the hectic overwhelming week I had. Just hoping this week is a little less intense so I can get back to some normalcy.

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  1. I feel a little hurt that me helping you find the most perfectest lamp in the world for your living room was not the best part of sunday...