Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer has officially began!

Sunday was a day trip to Fire Island to kick off Summer at the Beach!

Beach Buddies: Irene, Lisa & Matt

Ass in beach chair, toes in the sand ... Life was good that day

I made a new friend, Fred.

The cutest little girl came up to me and asked if I wanted a snail to take home with me.  As much as I tried to persuade her that I didn't want a snail, Fred became mine.

Me & Fred
I finally convinced the little girl to take Fred back to be with his friends.  Though I'd love to take Fred home with me, I didn't think he would survive the adventure.

Throughout the day I thought I was being so careful having Lisa spray me down with my spf 30 every 2 hours but alas I still managed to lobsterfy by back, arms, knees, shoulders & worse my ass.  I told Lisa she's now useless with sunscreen and no longer allowed to be my re-applier, lol.  Everything was just RED and only needed a little aloe & lotion, but it was my ass that was a different story.  It hurt to walk, sit, stand.. who burns their ass?  Apparently me!
Whatever, I love Summer and even more I love the Beach!  My "burn" turned into a tan, so now I have the perfect base tan to kick off Summer!!

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