Sunday, May 22, 2011

27: Part I

Want to know what my favorite Holiday is?      My Birthday.
Yup, May 20th is my favorite day of the year.  I love that one day of the year it can legitimately be all about me.  The gifts, cards, phone calls, texts, facebook wall posts all wishing me a happy birthday.  I love feeling so popular & special, I just can't help it.  One day a year it's all about Me.

First you must celebrate....
I threw myself a little impromptu birthday party and it was a good time.

(Insert picture here of my fav's that Matt has yet to send me)
The Picture ...

Redheaded Sluts!

Every Man needs a slut at least once...
Do I look 27?
Thanks to those who came to celebrate & sorry for those who showed up literally right after I hopped into a cab & headed home.

Then Rapture...
But the end of the world did not come, how disappointing.  So I spent the day having some Alyssa time.  I went to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit and It was AMAZING.  Highly recommended.
Even better was that I got the student discount without showing my NYU ID.  Thank God for my youthful looks at my 'old' age AND free audio headset for paying with my Amex.  It was totally my day at the Met.
After the McQueen exhibit I strolled through the Modern Art galleries for a bit then headed home.

David Hockney. One of my favorite artists

The Day after.....
It was gloomy all day, so I went to see Bridesmaids.  It was f*#king HILARIOUS!  But apparently my youthful looks are really kicking in my 'older' age since I got carded before I could even purchase the ticket for the movie.  Note to self, when not wearing makeup & hair is in a messy bun I look like a 17 year-old.

Overall, pretty good birthday weekend.  So thanks for all the cards & birthday wishes. Next up, 27 - Part II.  Happy Hour Birthday Party at Frying Pan next Thursday with co-celebrant Amy!  It should be a good one....

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  1. HAAAPPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe I talked to you 1 day before your birthday and didn't wish you well. So sorry! But I'm glad you had fun and NO you don't look look 20-fabulous!! Can't wait till the 4th!!